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Tips in Making a PowerPoint Presentation for Your Business


When doing a business presentation, PowerPoint is a favourite tool because it’s easy to use, and it comes with various features to make the presentation more interesting and engaging. Even if you have not used this tool before, learning how to use it is no rocket science. You will be familiar with its use in no time and be able to create an impressive presentation with some practice. When making a PowerPoint presentation, consider various things to ensure that your audience doesn’t get bored by effectively delivering the message you wish to impart.

Be consistent with the format

Consistent formatting of the slides give them a professional look, and it is also pleasant to the eyes. However, using different styles and formats could create confusion, thus taking away your audience’s focus. You may add bullets, numbering, or columns in the slides but use the same theme and fonts.

Use quality images and the right fonts

Adding images and videos to your presentations make them more appealing. Also, since people are visual learners, they may understand the message better if you add pictures or videos. Be sure though that they are high-quality to show vividly on the big screen. Use the right fonts, too, to ensure readability.

PowerPoint Presentation for Your Business

Check the slideshow with the projector

Test by playing it using your projector to ensure it shows correctly on the big screen. If you don’t have a projector yet but are considering purchasing one, think about getting a projector ceiling bracket to make the slide adjustment more convenient. It will also save space than using a table to place the projector. These brackets or mounts are easy to install, so you will not have trouble setting them up for your presentation. Maintenance is also simple, and moving them is hassle-free.

projector ceiling bracket

Limit texts and effects

The slideshow presentation is not supposed to contain everything you will discuss. But instead, it should just have the key points. It’s then up to you to elaborate on them further during the presentation. Heavy texts are difficult to read from afar, and the audience would quickly lose their focus and interest if they need to keep reading too much information. While effects may add style to the presentation, do not overdo it because it could make things look chaotic and even take more time. Use the effects sparingly, and choose those that are not eyesores. Keep things as simple as possible for a more professional feel.

PowerPoint Presentation

Familiarize yourself with the slide navigation

Practice moving from one slide to another without going through all the slides before or after them. For example, there may be occasions that you need to move to a slide for reference or your audience requests to check a previous one. It would be time-consuming to go through them one by one until you reach the one you are after.

Practice delivering the presentation

It’s not just how you make the presentation that’s important, but your delivery too. Know your content and the order of the slides for an effective presentation.

When preparing a PowerPoint presentation for your business, keep these things in mind to ensure its success.

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