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Why is video chatting so important in daily life?


Video chatting has become an unmissable part of everyday life. During the Covid pandemic, we were housebound most of the time, meaning that seeing friends or family in real life has to be substituted by talking to each other online. To still be able to talk face-to-face, people started to video call more and more, resulting in the development of some of the most used video calling applications today.

Video chatting and relationships

Video calling was and still is a good way to see each other, without having to travel. This is also very suitable for those in a long distance relationship. Because of the development of certain functions in the video chat apps, dating while being apart became easier and much more fun. For example, screen sharing and other plugins made it possible to watch movies together through video chat, and filters added an extra bit of fun to the video call.

Video chatting and relationships

Video chatting also made dating during the pandemic easier and safer. Through video chat, it was possible to meet a potential partner, without having to meet them physically. Meeting someone you don’t know can be nerve wracking, but doing it from the comfort of your own home made it a lot easier.

Video chatting made it also possible to connect people who were not able to go outside. Through a free video chat, meeting a potential partner is not only easier, but also safer, as the other person does not know where you live, making it easier to avoid people with wrong intentions: a risk that often comes with blind dating.

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Video chatting for work

Working from home is here to stay. Many companies have realized that having their staff work at home means that the company’s overhead costs can be reduced drastically. Power bills are much lower because computers are used at home instead of in the office and gas bills for heating are lower because the office does not need to be heated. Since toilets, sinks, and taps are not used either, the company water bill is drastically lower as well. The enormous decrease in costs caused many companies to terminate their office lease and have their personal work at home permanently.

Video chatting for work

With no physical place to meet, a solution to manage staff from distance became necessary. To make managing the company online easier, online management systems such as Microsoft Teams were brought to life. Programs such as Microsoft Teams can be used to assign personnel to certain groups and channels, making it possible for them to see only what is necessary for their jobs, shielding them from unnecessary information, and streamlining their working environment. It is also possible for several team members to share documents and collaborate directly through the program.

The video chat function is an important feature of teams and other online management systems. Video chatting allows personnel to have meetings with only those who are required to be at a certain meeting, or to be able to ask questions face-to-face to a colleague or manager. It also allows them to privately speak with an HR staff member, without having to travel to an office location. Video calling also allows personnel to keep in touch with clients, without having to travel all the way to them and thus lowering travel costs and the impact of company travel on the environment.

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