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(Solved) Sending & Receiving Fax without Fax Machine 


The internet has been transforming a lot of industries and affecting how we carry out daily tasks. As such, it has changed the way people send faxes. Today, you can send and receive faxes without a fax machine.

Sending & Receiving Fax without Fax Machine

If you want to send one-off faxes or you send faxes regularly, the internet has a solution for you. That’s right, online fax services provide a way to send and receive faxes without a fax machine.

In this post, you get to know how you can send and receive faxes without a fax machine. We show you how to use one of the most popular online fax services to send and receive faxes.

What do you need to send a fax online?

Apart from access to the internet, you need an online fax service. Google Fax Free, one of the leading blogs on online fax apps, recommends CocoFax. Follow this link to learn more about Google Fax Free.

With CocoFax, you can easily send and receive faxes without a fax machine. What’s more, you can move around with your fax since it supports smartphones.

Professionals across the world trust CocoFax for their faxing needs.


So, if you are worried about how to fax without fax machine, forget your worries. With CocoFax, you won’t even need a fax modem or phone lines everything takes place online.

How to send and receive fax without fax machine using CocoFax

CocoFax allows you to send and receive faxes on your PC or smartphone browser. Below are the simple steps involved:

Step 1: First, signup for a CocoFax account by visiting the official CocoFax website. CocoFax will let you choose a custom fax number at no extra charge. Besides, you will get one month service free of charge.


Step 2: After successfully signing up for the service, CocoFax will take you to your dashboard. Here, you can send and receive faxes just like you send and receive emails. The process is straightforward.

(Solved) Sending & Receiving Fax without Fax Machine 

Step 3: To start composing a new fax, hit the ‘New Fax’ button. A new window for composing fax will open. Here, you will need to provide the necessary information starting with the recipient’s fax number.

(Solved) Sending & Receiving Fax without Fax Machine 

The fax number goes into the field that requests the fax number. CocoFax allows you to send international and local faxes, so ensure you provide the correct format. To include a text in your fax click the ‘Add Text’ button.

As well, you can attach any document you want to include the fax. CocoFax lets you attach multiple files since it merges them during transmission. With CocoFax, you can drag and drop them in the shown area.

You can attach photos and documents such as pdf, .doc, and .xls.

Step 4: After you are done crafting your fax, proofread to make sure the content is how you need it. Now, hit the ‘Send Now’ button after you satisfied with the content. CocoFax will instantly transmit your fax.

(Solved) Sending & Receiving Fax without Fax Machine 

You will then receive a notification in your email and CocoFax dashboard indicating if the transmission was successful.

Receiving faxes: With CocoFax, you can receive them directly into your CocoFax dashboard. Just provide the sender with your fax number. After receiving your fax, CocoFax will notify you.

Also, a copy of the fax is forwarded to your registered email address as a pdf file.


CocoFax is a reputable online fax service recognized by media outlets like Forbes. Besides, it comes with multiple features that distinguish it from the rest. Below are some of the unique capabilities of this online faxing service:

  1. Safe and secure

CocoFax relies on the latest security protocols to protect all faxes. Before transmission, it encrypts faxes. Also, with CocoFax, you won’t have to worry about faxes being printed automatically since they are password-protected.

  1. Fast and reliable 

All the faxes in CocoFax are transmitted instantly to recipients. What’s more, it has a notification system that delivers notifications for both incoming and outgoing faxes. The notifications ensure you don’t miss important faxes.

  1. Unlimited storage 

With CocoFax, all faxes are automatically archived online. This provides a neat way of storing and accessing faxes. Also, it is easier to search faxes as opposed to searching bundled paper faxes.

With CocoFax, you will always have access to all sent and received faxes.

  1. Versatile 

The service gives you the liberty to send and receive faxes from a computer or smartphone. Also, it allows you to send and receive fax through email.


Thanks to online fax services, you no longer need a traditional fax machine for your faxing needs. Provided you get a reputable online fax service, you are good to go. Give CocoFax a try it could be what you need.

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