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Best Android Apps for College Students in 2020


Technology has long begun to help students. You can download an application that will solve math problems, an application in which you can solve a chemistry task, and much more. However, and that’s not all, you can get a lot more help if you download the right and useful apps. Which ones? We will tell you right now, read on!

  1. Google Keep

This is the simplest online virtual time management notebook, where you can keep regular notes or numbered lists. Supported by all mobile operating systems, accessible through a browser. There is even an offline version. Convenient in that, no matter where you log into your Google account, you will always have access to the created records. You can start writing a list on your mobile phone when you return from work, and at home move to your desktop computer and edit the entries.

Google Keep

  1. EssayShark App

If you get stuck with your college assignment, you can download an app for essay writing developed by EssayShark — one of the most reliable academic writing services. It has super user-friendly UX-design which makes the application easy to work with. Once you log in, you will get all the necessary information in one place: order information, free paper review etc. A 24/7 communication with your writer and support facilities is also available through the application. To crown it all, if you have any difficulties with college homework, feel free to download the app, and professionals will reveal your student’s pain.

EssayShark App

  1. Remember the Milk

One of the most celebrated GTD programs. ln expansion to the plan for the day, this app is outfitted with various current specialized arrangements intended to relieve memory. Among them: setting up E-mail and SMS notices about forthcoming undertakings, the board (which, coincidentally, can likewise be utilized for time management purposes), working with the application without the lnternet, the capacity to synchronize with the schedule (another independent practical device performed by analogy with the personal journal).

Remember the Milk

Remember The Milk
Remember The Milk
Developer: Remember The Milk
Price: Free
  1. Udemy

One of the most popular applications, offering a huge variety of courses – about 80 thousand. The disciplines here are very different: from programming languages, such as Python or Java, to training in personal growth and self-development, design, drawing, yoga, and blogging. In addition, both paid and free courses are offered here, and access to the materials is yours forever in any case. In addition, there is excellent language support, courses are offered in over 50 languages.



Udemy - онлайн-курсы
Udemy - онлайн-курсы
Developer: Udemy
Price: Free
  1. Animo

With Animo, students can create interesting videos. The app allows you to choose a theme, music, images, videos, add text, and create a video within minutes. You can share it via social media, YouTube, or add to your student’s portfolio.


  1. MyScript Calculator

A calculator that recognizes handwriting, itself replaces the written with signs and solves the written examples. If you are not a fan of complex scientific calculators, and in general, by hand, you get everything clearer and faster, the application will suit you.

MyScript Calculator 2


  1. Pop On

The app from the online English school helps you memorize new words and expand your vocabulary. Pop On is suitable for both beginners and users with above-intermediate English. The application is simple and straightforward, there are 350 ready-made thematic sets, as well as the ability to create your own sets and track progress. There are four types of word memorization exercises and the spaced repetition method.

Pop On

And then there is gamification: you can compete with your friends, and when you successfully learn words, you get points and bonuses that give premium access to the application.

  1. Prodigy

It is a role-playing game with mathematical elements. It is completely free. Students continue to play by answering math questions and earn rewards.


Prodigy Math Game
Prodigy Math Game
Price: Free
  1. Anatomy 3D

With this application, the user will plunge into the wonderful world of the human body. You will be pleased with the unique detailing of all the subtleties in 3D format. The program is equipped with a convenient quick search function. In order to test your knowledge, an interesting quiz is offered. The only limitation that may arise in using the program is that the resolution of the smartphone must be more than 480×800 px.

  1. Coursera

An extremely useful app for graduates. It provides access to a thousand courses in a wide variety of specializations. With the help of such an application, the choice of a future profession can become obvious. Or, on the contrary, the student will understand that the chosen profession is not for him/her. The courses collected in the app are read in over a hundred of the world’s best educational institutions.

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Developer: Coursera, Inc.
Price: Free

Summing up

Most likely you are forced to stay at home in quarantine. A reasonable question arises: how to entertain yourself in this difficult time and at the same time learn something new? We’ve put together some educational and fun games for you in this article that are suitable for students of all ages. With these apps, you can be sure that you will learn something.

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