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How much time does it take to get GCC High?


Securing your data is of primary importance for every business, irrespective of what type of data they operate on. But some data requires special protection, especially when it comes to managing government data. This data comes with a few powerful specifications for how it is saved. Microsoft has a dedicated cloud solution particularly intended for this. If your business manages this type of data, a move to the Microsoft Government Cloud makes total sense. That is where GCC High Migration comes into the picture.

Microsoft Office 365

From an administrative point of view, there is a clear method required once you have bought GCC High. You will need an accurate account of the time each step needs, as this can alter based on various factors. Installing GCC High includes validation, licensing, whitelisting, tenant provisioning, and at last migration. Below is an approximate estimation of how much time to expect for each step:


This step needs 5-10 business days. This is the basic time frame but can hold up to 15-20 days if there are interruptions. An example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic and as it brought up so much hurry for cloud services and services that accompany such as Azure VDI. If you are trying to start the validation process, you cannot know when there is going to be an increase in demands, so cannot start too soon.


This needs about 2-10 business days. The cause for the variation here is that you will be depending on administrative services such as processing and payment is executed quickly. As this is mostly out of your control, budget for anything from 2-10 days for this to execute properly.


This process needs 5-10 business days. This element will be based on your expertise in setting up GCC High tenants. It includes submitting applications to Microsoft to assure services are working and ports are available.

GCC High Migration

Tenant Provisioning

Microsoft keeps a 30-day SLA (service-level agreement) for provisioning of the tenants, yet it is often observed that this period drops drastically in the past few months, at times needing less than a week. Similarly, this will totally depend on Microsoft. It can require up to 30 days to complete a GCC High tenant provision, so consider this, respectively.

GCC High Migration

The migration process can roughly take days to weeks. It is mostly based on the platform from which you are moving and the data you hold. However, the GCC High Migration process is very similar to the process when you Migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online. But still, this step will need a lot of attention to detail and patience if any platform-specific problems occur. If you are unaware of the process it is highly recommended to bring in a third-party to get assisted.

SharePoint Online

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