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Radio and electromagnetic field detector – 4 functions


Today we’re going to talk about a gadget that is completely optional for everyday life, but essential for a quality life. A device that allows you to see the invisible – a detector of radio and electromagnetic fields that surround us everywhere. Let’s take a look at the functionality and key features of such devices using the example of a model from the Milerd brand.

Why do you need radio and electromagnetic field detectors?

Milerd HiRange

Why measure radio and electromagnetic fields at all? Because the various appliances we have in our homes, from our routers to our microwave ovens, generate electromagnetic pollution. Hundreds of thousands of smartphones, cobwebbed cell towers, high-voltage power lines towering outside your windows – all of this also creates an unfavourable background for health and well-being.

To control this indicator, relevant authorities operate in each country, and electromagnetic background standards are strictly regulated. For personal monitoring and peace of mind, professional radio and electromagnetic radiation detectors, such as the Milerd HiRange, are available. You can use it both at work and at home. You must admit, it’s interesting to know what effect the charging station of your electric vehicle has on the electromagnetic background.

A review of Milerd HiRange’s capabilities

Milerd HiRange

Milerd produces high-end devices for the professional segment, and the HiRange detector is a testament to this. Unlike most competitors, the Milerd HiRange is capable of detecting radiation levels from 5G cellular networks and other networks up to 8 GHz. An important advantage of the device is its ability to automatically and continuously measure and display up to five independent indicators of electromagnetic pollution. The built-in memory allows you to view the measured and accumulated values for the last 30 days, and the lithium-polymer battery provides up to one week of battery life.

Measurement of electrical radiation

The device can detect electrical backgrounds up to 5000 V/m in the range of 20 Hz to 10 kHz and up to 1000 V/m in the range of 10 kHz to 100 kHz. These measurements are useful for measuring background noise from power lines, high-power welders and charging stations, as well as for detecting leakage currents in power transformers and generators.

Measurement of radio emissions

Milerd HiRange

The next feature of the device is the precise recording of radio emissions. You will be able to measure frequencies from 1 MHz to 8 GHz with a power of up to 2000 mW/m2. All mobile operator networks, broadcast radio stations, and television repeaters operate in this range. Home and industrial Wi-Fi devices also fall within the measurement range of the Milerd HiRange. The detector can be used to easily find out the background of radio interference pollution.

Measurement of magnetic fields

The mode of measuring magnetic fields in everyday life is probably the most interesting. It will allow you to find out the magnetic field intensity of the microwave, space heater, refrigerator, dishwasher and other devices you are used to using. The HiRange has a wide range for measuring magnetic fields – up to 10 µT in the range from 20 Hz to 10 kHz and up to 4 µT in the range from 10 kHz to 100 kHz.

Laboratory mode

An interesting feature of the detector is the “Laboratory Mode”, which displays all radio and electromagnetic field indicators at once with colour indication of the level of background contamination.

A few words about the HiRange design

Milerd HiRange

The HiRange detector is housed in a matte black case with dimensions no larger than a paper marker. On the front side there is a high-quality colour display that remains readable at any time of the day and a device operation indicator. The bottom side has two physical buttons, and the top side has a USB Type C connector for charging the device. In addition, the HiRange detector comes with a nice keychain for storing the charging cable.


In today’s world, full of the benefits of engineering – gadgets, electrification, smart things – we forget about the price of all these conveniences. This price is our health. Although millions of radio waves penetrating everything in their path are not excessively dangerous, they can still cause health problems at a certain concentration. Our task is to monitor electromagnetic noise and take the necessary measures to reduce it in time. The Milerd HiRange detector, which is as essential today as an air analyser or water filter, will help us do this.

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1 month ago

Really neat looking device for quick measuring EMF, just what I was looking to have when looking for places with reduced EMF! Regarding protection from EMF I can recommend Leblok EMF clothing and materials.

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