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Philips TAT1207 headphones review: bass babies

With cool new products, everything is usually simple: high price, rich accessories. But what about simpler models, perhaps not as promoted in terms of advertising, but still worthy of attention? I got my hands on the compact TWS Philips TAT1207 – bright, quite simple in appearance, but with pleasant surprises for users.


As I said, I chose the most affordable model to see if there was an alternative to the outright Chinese at a price of about $25. And the question was what the headphones would be capable of, where a part of the cost is a popular brand.

Philips TAT1207 package contents

The headset comes with a pretty standard package. In the box you will find a case with earbuds, a user manual, a charging cable, and a set of interchangeable ear cushions. Neither more nor less, a classic set of modern mid-range headphones.

Design, materials, build quality

The Philips TAT1207 headset looks nice, but a bit plain. Perhaps it’s the color – this bright yellow version was too acidic for me and reminded me more of a Kinder box than a cool case with a top-of-the-line headset. Although there are black and white options for those who prefer the classics, there is also another color variation available – blue (or, in my opinion, turquoise).

What I liked was the materials for the build quality of the case and headphones. The plastic makes a really positive tactile impression to the touch. The case is completely matte, and the headphones combine matte and glossy elements. I was pleased with the presence of a control button on each earbud. This is not a touch zone, as in more expensive analogs, but this does not affect the usability.

Stylistically, the case is also designed as simply as possible. There is an embossed company logo on the lid, a connection indicator on the back, and a USB Type-C port for charging the case.

The earbuds are small in size and have an LED on the side to indicate that the earbud is connected. A small foot allows you to comfortably fit the headphones in your ear and quickly remove them. In the middle of the back there is a button for controlling the headphones with the company logo.

The lightweight design of the headphones allows you to wear them for a long time without your ears getting tired. And in general, the model is very compact, even with the case.

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Ergonomics and comfort of use

The headphones fit me well, comfortably in my ears, did not press down or fall out. The shape also contributes to a secure fit and comfortable use.

The headphones’ light weight and IP54 moisture protection make Philips TAT1207 suitable for gym activities or jogging in the open air.

Philips TAT1207 connection, control and software

You don’t need to install any special apps to control the headphones. Simply open the case and find the headset in the list of available devices in the Bluetooth menu. Since it uses Bluetooth version 5.2, you can count on a stable connection without interruptions within a radius of up to 10 meters.

Since there is no software, but there are gesture control functions, you will find a description of them in the manual. It’s 2022, yeah. But that’s it, the main thing is that this headphone control works. A single press pauses/plays, a double press skips to the next track, and a triple press skips to the previous track. An incoming call can be accepted with a single press and ended by holding the button for 2 seconds.

The sound of the Philips TAT1207

What I definitely did not expect was such a pleasant sound. First, the headphones have a very large volume margin – I didn’t even reach half of their capabilities – and it was more than enough for me, even on the street.

Secondly, there are very balanced frequencies and gorgeous thick bass. For testing, I turned on the Apocalyptica track – I haven’t heard such a “delicious” cello sound in headphones for a very long time. To say that I did not expect this from headphones for 50 bucks is an understatement!

Thirdly, due to the very tight fit in the ears, the headphones block out external noise very well. This feature will come in handy if you plan to use these headphones in public transportation, while working out in the gym, or if you find it difficult to concentrate at work at home or in the office due to constant external noise.

Voice communication

If you consider the headphones as a wireless headset, I was satisfied with everything – the built-in speakers are good for talking. The microphones transmit voice quite clearly and intelligibly.

Autonomy of the Philips TAT1207

The battery in Philips TAT1207 is enough to listen to music for about 5 hours without interruption, and the case is enough to provide another 10-12 hours of operation. These are fairly standard figures, given that there are no special sound enhancement technologies.


TWS Philips TAT1207 is quite an interesting model if you are looking for simple headphones that will work well. They sound almost like top-of-the-line models, but they cost a ridiculous amount of money. Yes, the design here is not premium, there is no app to customize it, and you can only determine the charge level approximately. But the sound! The music playback here is at a high level, plus add a good fit with good noise isolation – and you get a thing that fulfills its main purpose as efficiently as possible.

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