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Jumper EZBOOK 3

Jumper EZBOOK 3 ultrabook review - perfect on 90%

There is a notebook format in which manufacturers often sacrifice power for the sake of compactness. These are ultrabooks, which are just as much...
privatbank nationalized

PrivatBank is nationalized, Dubilet was resigned

The largest bank in Ukraine - Privatbank - was nationalized. Message about it appeared on the on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of...
zbt revelation g2a

Keys for Revelation CBT, exclusively on

Great news for fans of good MMORPG - You can buy keys for closed Revelation Online beta test from today exclusively on the Testing...

lifecell launches an innovative tariff '3G+ Freedom'

The mobile operator lifecell has launched a truly revolutionary tariff plan '3G+ Freedom' with a great amount of minutes in the package at a...
leap droid title

LeapDroid review: easy way to emulate Android in Windows!

The differences between Android and Windows are pretty obvious - one OS developed under the sensors, small screens and low power consumption, the second...
dell inspiron review title

Dell Inspiron 3162 laptop review

Laptops today far from being at the peak of popularity. They are replaced by hybrid tablets 2-in-1, which, if you buy a keyboard to...

RN FAQ # 1: gaming mice and the main questions about them

Internet - a spontaneous and anarchic thing. After asking the same question in different places, you can get 15 different answers, 50 different offenses...