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How to Play Sea of Thieves Solo: Play Lone Wolf


If you love those adventure games spiced with serious action, Sea of Thieves will be worth your while. The easiest way to enjoy the game is by playing with another gamer or a group of others. But you can play alone and still enjoy it. At least you won’t be so pronounced when sailing and you can be faster when running away from the enemies. Another great advantage of solo play is that your looting can be done safely too.

But note this, solo play usually challenges you because you will sail alone and face difficulties without help. You must get the right information and antics of playing without any assistance from others. But before sharing the things we learned, check out some useful Sea of Thieves Hacks by to simplify things for you further. Afterwards, apply the information below.

Sea of Thieves

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Come to to customize
Come to to customize

Tips for Playing Solo in Sea of Thieves

Never engage in avoidable fights

One of the things we’ve learned playing solo is that you don’t want to engage in fights unnecessarily. Remember, you’re all alone without any help from anybody. So, no need to start a fight where you’ll likely die. Instead, always sail at night and switch off the lanterns to sneak past the enemies unnoticed while on it. Also, to be partially invisible, use the island to separate yourself from the enemies.

Don’t waste time on voyages

Avoid spending too much time on a voyage regardless of the temptation of dragging things out longer. The longer you spend, the more chances the enemy has to attack you. Don’t forget; you can lose everything at any time if the ship goes under in an attack. So, ensure you don’t start without choosing the outpost to target. Also, remember that the open waters are not friendly at all.

Sea of Thieves

Study the ship you’ll use

Apart from having no form of support as a solo player, your ship is also going to be smaller. That’s why you must study the layouts and the parts you’ll be using while sailing. For instance, locate the capstan at the back of the helm, find the setting ropes and the angling, etc. Also, don’t forget the yardarm, barrels where your resources are kept, and the cannon. All these parts are everything you need and must locate to ensure a smooth sail. At this point, you should know how to sail or, if not, learn it before trying.

Create a plan B for escape

To make it to the end of every sail, you must prepare a plan b for your escape if things go south. Remember, once you drop the anchors, the enemies have seen you and start hatching the plan to attack and steal everything you got from the island. Some things you can do include always slowing down, cutting your sail, and stopping at a good spot. Another thing is to leave the boat as soon as you lift the anchor instead of dropping it. If you do it that way, escaping faster will be possible. You can jump right in and lower the sails without lifting the anchor. More importantly, always hide your items in island bushes and only load them once you’re ready to move and not a minute before.

Sea of Thieves

Never relax during voyages

When sailing, always pay attention to your instincts. If you feel danger, try to study the situation a bit. Many times we even ignore things we suspect and hurt ourselves. So, make sure you’re careful while navigating through the island. Try to check out every sign or sound you hear to avoid dying in the hands of a skeleton. Yeah! Be scared of the undead to stay alive.

Defend yourself instead of seeking out danger

This game will be scarier if you ever face a large ship filled with angry players. So try hard to avoid that kind of deadly face-off. But then, if the situation occurs, try to use everything you got to fight them. Don’t be scared but focus on weakening the ship to sink it. Use your gun to create holes below their ship’s waterline. If you’re successful, water will flood and distract them. You can also fire at the players on the canons.


Playing alone in Sea of thieves will make you stronger in the game. The experience will help you to become a good team player when playing with others. But then, your work will be harder too. So, try to prepare your tools, sail at night, and always pay attention to everything around you.

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