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Root NationNewsSweden to provide Ukraine with a new aid package and consider terms of fighter jet transfer

Sweden to provide Ukraine with a new aid package and consider terms of fighter jet transfer


Sweden will send Ukraine a new military aid package worth about $200 million. The package will consist of 155 mm artillery ammunition, infantry equipment and communications equipment, as well as spare parts and ammunition, in particular for CV90 infantry fighting vehicles (for an overview of this equipment by Yuri Svitlyk, please follow the link). In addition, Sweden is considering the possibility and conditions of sending fighter jets to Ukraine. This was stated by Defence Minister Paul Johnson.


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At the press conference, Paul Johnson said that the Swedish Armed Forces had received an assignment regarding the JAS 39 Gripen. They have to conduct a thorough analysis and prepare a report on the potential possibility of sending JAS Gripen fighters to Ukraine. The report should also include the impact of this decision on the country’s defence capability, defence economy and other defence activities and planning. The Swedish Armed Forces should also report on the terms of possible support within the international F-16 coalition, of which the country is a member.

But Paul Johnson stressed that for reasons of internal security, Sweden must become a NATO member before it can potentially transfer any fighter jets. Although its accession has been hampered by member states Turkey and Hungary, the country hopes to join the defence alliance soon.

JAS-39 Gripen

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The new military aid package will be the 14th package of assistance to Ukraine from Sweden since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The total value of such assistance from the Scandinavian country is just over 22 billion kronor. “We need to design our support in a way that is long-term and sustainable,” said Paul Johnson. – “It is now important that more countries join in supporting Ukraine.

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