Root NationNewsX vs Block lawsuit challenges the defendant’s take on freedom of speech

X vs Block lawsuit challenges the defendant’s take on freedom of speech


The X vs Block lawsuit is now on the way, and it’s getting full funding from Elon Musk’s social media platform. This case is built around a series of events between Block and an ex-employee by the name of Chloe Happe. Jack Dorsey’s Block laid this lady off because of two posts she made on X which she later took down.

According to Happe, these posts were made on X in her time. Additionally, the posts were deleted by Happe from the X account with which she made these posts. She also accuses Block of firing her without severance for simply expressing “her political views, opinions, or beliefs in the form of satire” that doesn’t conform with Block’s standards.

Block also supports several constitutionally protected freedoms for their workers. These include the freedom of thought, the freedom of belief, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of expressive association. With these facts, we can agree that Happe’s posts on X were operating under certain freedoms that Block allows its staff.

So how exactly did Happe’s post make her lose her job at Block? Well, the human resources at Block claim that Happe denied making the posts under her pseudonymous X accounts. According to them, Happe accused an abusive ex-boyfriend of making those posts under an account that could be linked to her.

Regardless of this reason, X is funding the lawsuit against Block to get Chloe Happe back her job. Aside from getting her job back, Happe also wants compensation for being unlawfully fired. This X vs Block lawsuit is going to be unveiled in the coming days, with the defendant trying to justify its actions on this matter.

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