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Neatsvor X600 robot vacuum cleaner review: Be smart about your vacuuming


The modern rhythm of life practically does not leave us the opportunity to maintain a balance in our life. What I mean is there is often not enough time to clean the house. That’s why we are acquiring smart home helpers that simplify the cleaning process. For example, a robot vacuum cleaner. This device will do all the dirty work for you: collecting dust throughout the house, cleaning floors in every corner and under furniture. In the meantime, you can relax and do nothing.

Today we want to tell you about the Neatsvor X600 robot vacuum cleaner. It performs dry and wet cleaning, is controlled by a mobile app, and has a wide range of functions. In a word, it is ideal for quick and high-quality cleaning both in a small apartment and in a spacious private house. To find out how much this statement corresponds to reality, let’s take a look at the device in more detail.

Neatsvor X600

Full specifications

Model Neatsvor X600
Input voltage 100-240 V, 50 Hz
Adapter voltage 19 V, 0.6 A
Battery voltage 14.8 V
Battery Li-ion
Power consumption 25 W
Battery capacity 2500 mAh
Suction power 4000
Dust collector capacity 600 ml
Water container capacity 350 ml
Battery life 90-120 min
Vacuum cleaner charging time 240-360 min
Features route planning, real-time tracking, digital locked area, zone cleaning, manual robot control, room cleaning, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support
Additional functions recharge and resume cleaning, automatic return to the charging base
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 330×330×98 mm
What’s in the box robot vacuum cleaner, charging docking station, remote control, network adapter, manual, cleaning brushes, 4 side brushes, HEPA filter (2 pcs), wet cleaning container, microfiber nozzles (2 pcs)
Price $220,99

What’s in the box

The complete set with the robot vacuum cleaner contains all the necessary additional accessories. The compact but rather heavy box includes the Neatsvor X600 itself, a dust collector with a fleece pad, a spare HEPA filter with a sponge, two brushes with marked sides (left/right), a power adapter, a spare fleece cloth, a container for water, a docking station for charging and a brush for caring for the device. There is also a user manual, which describes in detail the operating modes of the vacuum cleaner, Wi-Fi settings and recommendations for cleaning the device.

Neatsvor X600


This robot vacuum cleaner really looks like a premium device. It has a round body in charcoal black with a small rim and bumper. The top cover with a glossy surface reflects the surroundings like a mirror. It houses the LIDAR tower and two buttons – turning on and returning to the charging station. The case diameter is 330 mm and the overall height is 98 mm.

The obstacle sensors are hidden behind a matte panel, protected from damage by a special gasket. On the opposite side of the bumper we see a switch and an additional connector for the adapter. On the back there is a compartment for working modules, namely a dust collector and a water container.

Turning the vacuum cleaner upside down, you can see the working unit, two large wheels with a protector, mounts for two brushes, a roller wheel and terminals for charging the battery. Also, the device is equipped with fall sensors located in the same place, in the lower part of the case.


If you are looking for a reliable home cleaning companion, then the Neatsvor X600 is a perfectly reasonable choice. It is designed for both dry and wet cleaning of medium-sized premises and will cope with any floor covering, be it carpet, parquet or linoleum. The device is equipped with a NIDEC engine, which allows you to suck in almost any debris: house dust, crumbs, cat litter, etc. The vacuum cleaner detects carpets in time and increases the suction force to the maximum in order to better collect all dust, dirt or hair. Special brushes are perfect for cleaning corners.

Neatsvor X600

The dust collector is protected from clogging by filters. There are three of them installed at once: a mesh for large debris, a foam filter that retains dust and a special HEPA filter that prevents harmful microbes and mold from dispersing into the air. This filtration system is extremely reliable and efficient. The main thing is not to forget about regular cleaning.

After dry cleaning is completely completed, you can proceed to wet cleaning. To do this, a combined module is installed, which works as follows: water enters the napkin and tightly presses the device for cleaning the floor to the surface. When cleaning ends, the water supply will automatically stop.

The robot vacuum cleaner, working in auto mode, cleans the rooms one by one, first along the perimeter, and then moving in a zigzag fashion. If the user needs to select additional settings, then this can be easily done using the app.

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Battery life

The vacuum cleaner must be charged before using it. When you connect the adapter, the device will notify you about charging by voice message. The Neatsvor X600 clears for about two hours on a single charge in silence mode. This will be enough, say, for a quick cleaning of the apartment. If you need to clean a large room, then the device will need to be recharged, and then it will be able to continue its work from the place where it left off.

Neatsvor X600

The app

For advanced settings you will need to install the Tuya smart app on iOS or Android smartphones. The following additional parameters will become available with it:

  • Virtual maps of your place, where you can specify rooms, highlight certain allowed and restricted areas.
  • Cleaning schedule for a given period.
  • Regulation of the force of retraction, wetting of surfaces.
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants


Tuya Smart
Tuya Smart
Developer: Tuya Smart Inc.
Price: Free


‎Tuya Smart
‎Tuya Smart
Developer: Tuya Smart Inc.
Price: Free+

The app is easy to setup: just connect the vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi and synchronize it with your smartphone.

When cleaning the house, Neatsvor X600 builds a map of the room, remembers it and uses it afterwards. To do this, the device uses an environment scanner, gyroscope, infrared and tactile sensors, as well as a height difference sensor. Thus, the “smart” assistant chooses the direction, calculates the distance to obstacles etc.


The Neatsvor X600 robot vacuum cleaner is a high-quality, functional household appliance that fully justifies its cost. Its main advantages include:

  • complete set that does not require additional costs
  • LIDAR navigation
  • accurate room map
  • excellent suction power
  • capacious containers for dust and water
  • wet cleaning with controlled water supply

Even if the battery capacity is not enough for cleaning a large area, the vacuum cleaner automatically returns to recharge and then continues on. Therefore, the gadget is more than enough for cleaning small and large rooms. You can also use wet and dry cleaning at the same time, and this is a great advantage. To do this, use a water container that has a compact compartment for collecting dust. To summarize, the Neatsvor X600 is a versatile device that will become an indispensable assistant in your daily cleaning.

Where to buy it

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Neatsvor X600 robot vacuum cleaner review: Be smart about your vacuuming

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Cleaning quality
The Neatsvor X600 robot vacuum cleaner is a high-quality, functional household appliance that fully justifies its cost.
Eugene Beerhoff
Eugene Beerhoff
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8 months ago

Hi all, this feedback was done after a daily use (once a day) for about 8 months of the X600 Pro.
As I said, after 8 months of use, my second Neatsvor X600 Pro started leaving dust balls around the house which it created while sweeping, but which it was unable to vacuum, thus leaving them behind (resulting in a house dirtier than than it was before the vacuum cleaner ran).
In an attempt to overcome this problem, I started cleaning the base, the brushes and all the points where dust accumulated more and more frequently, until I did it practically every 2 days.
This being the second unit my family purchased and noting that with the other unit one year older, this was not the case, I contacted customer service.
Strengthened by the fact that my purchase still fell within the 3-year warranty advertised by the company, I requested assistance.
At first I was immediately pointed out that I would no longer be allowed to receive a replacement as the 15 days had expired. Therefore, after speaking for a week via e-mail with assistance explaining the various dynamics of the problem, I requested at least to be able to send the vacuum cleaner to the factory, so that it could be checked and possibly repaired.
At this point the customer service tried, somewhat awkwardly, to divert my request, repeating to me that it was no longer possible for me to return the vacuum cleaner (when at this point I had already specified that I did not want to replace it but rather send it back for be fixed) and continuing to ask me questions about the dynamics of the problem.
Well, we have reached almost a month of daily correspondence with customer assistance, where they ask me to explain and make videos of the vacuum cleaner in operation, and therefore having understood what the air was blowing, I pointed out to them that in If they hadn’t (at least!) fulfilled the 3-year guarantee by having the vacuum cleaner sent to them to check it directly, I would have left them negative feedback and made bad publicity. I need not tell you that their last email today tells me: “Dear customer, your machine has been used for a while, and it cannot be returned now, please tell me whether the machine uses a dust box or a water tank, and take a video with sound for us”, ah yeah! I forgot to tell you that they think the problem lies in the fact that I’m using the water container instead of the dust container… In all of this, I also assumed that in customer service there were people unable to translate from English what I was writing to them and therefore I explicitly asked him.
In the light of what has just been said and annoyed at battling windmills, I find myself writing this review of mine; I’m sure that if I only replied to this last email, they would surely reply to me, at least for another 2 years and 4 months, reminding me at least every 3/4 emails that the 15 days for replacement have now expired; however, moral of the story is that, yes, it will also be a “fair” cleanbot with low costs, but what really matters is that with a discount of only 299 euros (and perhaps some further discount codes that could reach you by email) you will have at your disposal a customer service that will never make you feel alone in your darkest days. :) Posterity will judge.

Root Nation
Root Nation
8 months ago
Reply to  Flavio

Thank you for your comprehensive comment. It’s worth noting that your complaint relates more to the manufacturer’s technical support service than to the product itself. Especially since you also wrote that you have another vacuum cleaner, which works fine. Apparently this is some kind of individual case or defect. We are sorry that you got into this situation. By the way, our unit (from this review) also continues to work without problems for more than a year.

Frustrated Customer
Frustrated Customer
9 months ago


1 year ago

I have been using the Neatsvor x600 PRO for a month now, and let me tell all readers, it has been a bit of a letdown.
While I do agree that it is a nice design and the specs are really great, the main problem of a neatsvor vacuum cleaner is it’s clearance.
If you have a complete hard wood floor, maybe this is excellent purchase for you if you are looking for a laser vacuum cleaner, however, if your setup is like mine, where you have carpets under the dining table and center table, do not purchase this product. The reason is simple, it DOES NOT have a height clearance. My low pile carpet is less than 1 cm in height, and the Neatsvor cleaner is not able to climb on top of it. It also gets stuck often on the skirting between two rooms, which is again around 1.2 cms.
The installation is a joke, with no clear instructions provided on how to connect it. And the customer care is very shrewd, they will not honor 30 day return policy (did not honor mine) and kept giving lame excuses like tape the carpet to the hard floor!
Now I would not be too harsh, but I did test the same scenario with a few other budget vacuum cleaners like Bagotte and Ecovacs, both went over the carpet seamlessly. So I am confident this issue is not due to my setup and can be fulfilled by others in the market.
There is no google review of Neatsvor and they don’t allow reviews on their website either, so be careful when you make this purchase.

Vladyslav Surkov
Vladyslav Surkov
1 year ago
Reply to  Shouvik

Thanks for the helpful comment. Someone might find it useful.
P.S. There are no carpets in my apartment at all – only parquet and ceramic tiles. Therefore, carpets are something amazing for me. It seems to me that robotic vacuum cleaners are generally not designed for cleaning carpets, and even more so with high pile. My advice is you’re better off just excluding carpeted areas from the cleaning plan in app. Carpets must be cleaned by powerfull hand vacuum cleaner. But this is just my opinion.

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The Neatsvor X600 robot vacuum cleaner is a high-quality, functional household appliance that fully justifies its cost.Neatsvor X600 robot vacuum cleaner review: Be smart about your vacuuming