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Withstands 160 kg! Review of the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal chair

I really wanted to use the phrase “almost a flagship” in the title of this review. Because yes, there is only one model in the company’s line of gaming chairs that is more expensive than the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal. This means only one thing – we are looking at a premium, high-quality, and very luxurious chair.

Market positioning

And it’s not cheap – the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal costs about $400 at the time of writing. It’s a lot, it’s a lot, but the next best chair from Cougar costs almost 30% more.

At the same time, I’ve never reviewed a model at this price in my life, and I didn’t know what to expect. So let’s take a look at what the chair has in common with cheaper options.

Familiar features

Well, yes, this is a gaming chair. It has a category 4 gas lift, which is generally standard, because I recommend that you run away from category 3 and below gas lifts as quickly as possible.

The chair has armrests that can be adjusted in four ways: they can be raised, moved forward, backward, left and right, and closer or further away from the user.

The chair can tilt backward 170 degrees, the crosspiece is 5-pointed, and the pillows have memory foam.

Special features

Now what justifies the price, which is equal to a mid-range smartphone. Let’s start with the appearance, and I can’t call Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal anything but a real throne. Actually, the Royal prefix shows a color palette in black and gold.

The chair is completely matte black, except for the stitching and logos. And of course, the metal parts of the armrests, which are rather bronze, but still look hyper-premium.

The design of the chair is symmetrical, and the levers for raising and reclining the chair are as similar as possible. The only exception to the symmetry is the super-reliable crosspiece, which is made entirely of metal.

In fact, there is so much metal in the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal that it weighs 28 kilograms, and the box itself weighs all 36 kilograms. To put it in perspective, the weight of the chair is 4 kilograms more than the relatively affordable Cougar Armor One, which is not tiny, but very much heavier.


On the other hand, the weight of the metal is 146% used, because the chair can carry 160 kg of load, so you have to be a VERY massive gamer to need something bigger. Actually, as I understand it, the more expensive model holds even a little LESS…

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But I hope there will be a separate review about it. Meanwhile, Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal is not only a massive chair, but also ergonomic. It allows you to distribute your body weight very well, the cushions are of hyper-quality, and the materials are generally pleasant, especially the suede-like fabric, which, as I understand it, is one of the highlights of the Titan Pro model as a whole.

The chair also supports reclining, by 13 degrees, and the tilt is easy to change, and you can lock or unlock the chip without any problems, there is a separate lever for the latter. However, there is a nuance here – you need to know how to use the lever, Cougar even made a whole video on this topic, it will be in the video review below.

Another lever, on the other side of the chair, is responsible for raising the seat up to 6 cm. The seat itself is 60 cm wide, 64 cm deep and 10 cm thick. The backrest is 62 cm wide and 88 cm high, so it is easily suitable for people with large dimensions.

Actually, the chair fits both me and my boss, who is considerably larger than me. It was quite a challenge to find a chair for him, because the price doesn’t always matter – again, more expensive models are not always more versatile.

Conclusions on Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal

But – and I can call this a summary – I can safely recommend the Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal despite the price. Because this chair is luxurious and of high quality, but most importantly, it is very versatile and will fit a gamer of almost any build, tall or massive, wide or not.

This is not the most ergonomic Cougar model, there is a much more powerful one in this regard, but it is the most versatile. That’s why I recommend Titan Pro Royal.

And that’s all I have to say, but in the comments, tell me how difficult it is for YOU to find a gaming chair? What do you look for in the first place? And are you ready to pay more than $400 for a gaming chair?

Personally, I’m not ready, but I will be ready, and even forced to, if, say, I switch to a completely sedentary job, because now I’m on my feet a lot in my studio. But if the job is just editing, or even just mostly editing, then an ergonomic chair will be absolutely necessary. For me, for you.

Video about Cougar Armor Titan Pro Royal

You can see the chair in dynamics here:

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