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LG G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ review – Bright Fire of Hope

The last couple of years saw LG release lots of great smartphones, but not once did they score a win on the market. This...
AI in smartphones

AI in smartphones: Future prospects and how can we use it now

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an ability of intellectual systems to perform creative functions, which are traditionally considered the prerogative of humans. At present, the...
Обзор идеального смартфона моей мечты

Review of the smartphone of my dreams (November 2017)

You can’t deny the fact that buying a smartphone is all about compromise between various components, design, materials and functions. And that’s not saying...

LG Stylus 3 review – inexpensive phablet with a stylus

This winter at CES 2017 exhibition LG unveiled their newest line of smartphones called Stylus 3. The main feature is… well, guess. The name...

LG G6 review – flagship with Full Vision display

The last year LG debuted G5 – a module smartphone, which should have rocked the world, but, unfortunately, wasn’t destined for success. This failure...
LG X Power

LG X Power review

The tendency for the installation of high-capacity batteries in the smart phone picked up the first Chinese brands B and C, who attracted naive...

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