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TP-Link Neffos C7 Lite

TP-Link Neffos C7 Lite review – Ultra-budget Android Go smartphone

TP-Link continues releasing budget phones under the Neffos name. Recently they’ve shown us another of their ultra-budget phones – TP-Link Neffos C7 Lite. Today...
TP-Link Neffos X9

TP-Link Neffos X9 review – A fantastic low-end smartphone or a cheap mid-ranger?

Of the three recently demonstrated TP-Link smartphones with FullView-displays we have already reviewed the most inexpensive device - Neffos C9A. And today we will...
TP-Link Neffos C9A

TP-Link Neffos C9A review – Trendy low-end smartphone

When I get to test a low-budget phone, I rarely expect features from flagships. But sometimes miracles happen, and the new TP-Link Neffos C9A surprised...
TP-Link Neffos C5A

TP-Link Neffos C5A review – A very affordable smartphone

Not that long ago (more precisely, February 15 2018) TP-Link announced a couple of new smartphones from the Neffos lineup. Today I can tell...
TP-Link Neffos Y5L

TP-Link Neffos Y5L minireview - 5 features of cheap smartphone

Cheap smartphones are not usually taken into account, like, there is nothing interesting in them and only people with low incomes would buy it. I beg to...

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