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Smartphone is a communication device, that become now the main gadget of almost any modern peoples. Other smartphone names are – mobile, cell phone, communicator. Outdated name – PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

The main operating systems that are installed in modern smartphones are Android from Google and iOS, which is used in the Apple iPhone.

This section will tell you about the updates of the smartphone market. All types of articles – news, reviews of gadgets, comparisons of various smartphones, reports from the presentations of fresh devices.

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Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A80 review – Original to the extreme

While testing the numerous new A-series from Samsung, I could not understand one thing. Where are our promised new mid-ranger features? Where is that...
Redmi 7A

Redmi 7A review - Budget King

It's no secret that Xiaomi rules the smartphone budget segment. No, they do not set trends. Yes, their own innovations are only "so-so." It’s...
Google Pixel 3a XL

Google Pixel 3a XL review – The battle between extremes and absolutism

Most manufacturers are trying to somehow balance the characteristics of their smartphones and give them the appropriate...  or inappropriate (looking at you, Apple) price...
Samsung Galaxy M10

Samsung Galaxy M10 review – Budget comeback

Large brands find it increasingly harder to fight for the hearts, minds and wallets of customers in the budget segment. Many manufacturers heroically leave...
TP-Link Neffos C7 Lite

TP-Link Neffos C7 Lite review – Ultra-budget Android Go smartphone

TP-Link continues releasing budget phones under the Neffos name. Recently they’ve shown us another of their ultra-budget phones – TP-Link Neffos C7 Lite. Today...
ASUS ZenFone 6

ASUS ZenFone 6 review – Destroyer of Trends

ASUS was surprised us with ZenFone 5Z in 2018 – the first adequate and truly competitive flagship smartphone in the company's history. I expected...
Samsung Galaxy A40

Samsung Galaxy A40 review – Compact mid-ranger

In the age of devices with sizeable screens any compact gadget looks a bit odd. Yes, in 2019 these are rare beasts, but they...
Huawei P30 Lite

Huawei P30 Lite review – Perfectly balanced

Huawei has been releasing three P devices for a while. Along with them come more affordable Lite models, as well as flagship Plus versions,...
Honor 10i

Honor 10i review – Souped-up 10 Lite with triple camera

Today let’s talk about the new smartphone that is entering the market - Honor 10i. In terms of positioning, it’s a mystery. I mean...
Tecno Spark 3 Pro

Tecno Spark 3 Pro review – Audacious budget smartphone

At the Kyiv CEE 2019 exhibition in April Tecno, a rather young player on the Ukrainian market, presented a couple of new smartphones to...

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