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SSD – Solid State Drive – modern fast data storage. This type of hard drive can be used in desktops, servers, laptops. Drives are based on non-volatile memory chips NAND or DRAM. The most advanced type of memory is 3D XPoint, until it is widely used and is used in caching technology for Intel Optane storage systems.

Among the main advantages of SSD is the complete absence of moving mechanical parts, which means absolute noiselessness. And also – increased resistance to mechanical loads and shocks, high speed reading and writing data, excellent response speed, small size and weight. Disadvantages of solid-state drives – the high cost of 1 GB of storage compared to traditional HDD, fewer rewriting cycles of memory.

In this section of the site you will find all the articles about the new SSD. Embedded and external portable drives. As well as reviews of disks with SATA, PCI-e interfaces (NVME standard). Articles on the topic, comparisons of solid-state drives. In addition – reviews of external data warehouses based on them.

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