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Linux vs Windows: Which OS is Better for PC Gaming?

Since you’ve probably already read the title, today we’re talking about different operating systems. As usual, you can’t have this debate without mentioning Windows,...
surface cloudbook

Surface CloudBook - Microsoft's new look at the tablet market?

In recent years, a lot of talk about a new version of the operating system from Microsoft - Windows 10 Cloud. Externally, the new...
windows 10 creators update

RN FAQ #5: How to update Windows 10 to Creators Update now?

As it became known, on April 11 the company will officially introduce a new update of Windows 10 - Creators Update is the third...
leap droid title

LeapDroid review: easy way to emulate Android in Windows!

The differences between Android and Windows are pretty obvious - one OS developed under the sensors, small screens and low power consumption, the second...

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