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TP-Link Tapo C320WS Wi-Fi Camera Review: Better Be On The Safe Side

On the one hand, during the war, purchasing new equipment may seem to be not the most pressing matter. However, equipping your home with a video surveillance system is always a significant contribution to your sense of security. Monitor the street without leaving your home, or watch people move along the street – the outdoor smart home camera TP-Link Tapo C320WS will help you feel more secure. Let’s consider its features in more detail in our today’s review.

Delivery set and price

The standard package includes the camera itself, equipped with fasteners, a power supply, a moisture-proof cable mount, a set of dowels and screws. On top of that, you also get paper manual. The only thing you will need to take care of yourself is a microSD memory card, and cards up to 256GB are supported.


The TP-Link Tapo C320WS features a lightweight and compact design that is typical for outdoor surveillance cameras. Since it is designed for outdoor use, the IP66-rated white plastic housing reliably protects the interior from moisture, including the microphone and speaker.

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The camera is equipped with two antennas placed symmetrically on both sides. They are made movable, which allows you to adjust them to the right direction after fixing. TP-Link Tapo C320WS has a hinge that allows you to give the camera a comfortable position, for example, if you decide to place it on the wall of the house or under the roof. Accordingly, the angle can also be changed during use.

There is a small cover secured with two screws at the bottom of the device. It hides access to the microSD slot and the reset button. The speaker is located on the same side.

Functionality of TP-Link Tapo C320WS

The camera has a 4-megapixel sensor with a resolution of 2K (2560×1440) and a frequency of 15 frames per second. The aperture of the lens is ƒ/2.2, the optical distance is 3.89 mm.

There are two ways to connect the device. The most convenient way to do this is via Wi-Fi. In this case, the network band will be 2.4 GHz, and the maximum transfer speed will be 150 Mbit/s. Also, the camera can be connected with an Ethernet cable, but this will take additional time and is far from always appropriate.

The possibility of two-way communication is very convenient option in hard times, so you do not need to leave the apartment to communicate with the delivery courier or neighbors.

Unlike the black-and-white night mode image of most conventional cameras, the Tapo C320WS records in color thanks to a high-resolution lens that allows more light to pass through. Moreover, thanks to 850 nm IR illumination, the camera confidently captures events within a radius of up to 30 m.


The proprietary application allows you to configure and control the camera, which can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play. After downloading, you need to register an account: enter your email address and password.

Price: Free
Developer: TP-LINK
Price: Free+

The very step-by-step setup and connection process is understandable even to an inexperienced user. The whole process does not take much time and does not require special knowledge or skills. After the devices are paired, you can start using the camera.

There are three main tabs in the application. The main page displays paired devices that can be added to favorites. This is also where messages about the movement recorded by the camera are received. The ‘Smart actions’ tab allows you to select and set sequences of actions with devices connected to the smart home network. For example, you can set up a scenario when the user leaves the house or comes back. In the last tab, you can manage your account and program settings.

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The video stream is displayed in the control window. From here, you can take a quick screenshot, see what is happening on other cameras (if there are any), control the microphone, and expand the video to full screen. There are also buttons for communication, voice call, alarm and recording playback. The files are stored on a memory card or in cloud storage. If necessary, they can be downloaded to a smartphone.

Examples of TP-LINK Tapo C320WS footage

The quality of photos and videos can be safely rated at 9 out of 10, because there is always room for improvement, so the camera performs its main function perfectly.


The outdoor Wi-Fi camera TP-Link Tapo C320WS is an excellent device for those who want to take care of the security of their own home. It provides high-quality uninterrupted video surveillance day and night, and the ease of connection and configuration makes it understandable for everyone.

I would like to list the main advantages of the camera separately:

  • Quality image in QHD (2K) resolution
  • Wired or Wi-Fi connection
  • Night vision: visibility up to 30 m even in total darkness and support for color images
  • Push notifications on the smartphone when motion is detected
  • Alarm: light and sound effects to scare away uninvited guests
  • Two-way audio communication through the built-in microphone and speaker
  • Local storage up to 256 GB

Where to buy

  • Amazon

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