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Review of Bloody B885N and Bloody B880R keyboards: Optical mechanics, take 2

Take two – because I already had a double review of optical-mechanical keyboards, it was quite long time ago, it feels like another life. And then I chose models by design. And now… I wanted to look specifically at the switches. That’s why I’ve got Bloody B885N and Bloody B880R in my review.

Market positioning

Let’s start with the price, because now, you know, the cost of everything is quite high, and I personally have almost gotten used to the course, but not completely. Nevertheless, the Bloody B885N will cost $60, and you’ll have to pay a little more than $65 for the Bloody B880R.

Package contents

That is, their price is about the same. As is the package, by the way. Both keyboards have the same set of additional caps of a different color in the boxes, as well as a tool for removing the caps and an instruction manual. In the case of the B880R, it is slightly larger in size, and I’ll tell you why later.

What’s the special feature of the switches?

But now let’s talk about the switches. Almost all Bloody keyboards over 1,500 hryvnias use LK Light Strike mechanics. The trick of the switch is that it’s optical, meaning that when you press the button down, the mechanism blocks the flow of light, which the keyboard actually recognizes as a press.

Firstly, it gives… an order of magnitude shorter response time, 0.2 ms versus 20-30 ms for classical mechanics. Secondly, it gives wear resistance, because conventional mechanics have mechanical elements that interact with each other to register the pressure, which eventually leads to the banal erasure of the elements.

In the case of optical switches, there is nothing to wear off, the interaction is actually optical. In fact, you still press the key down, so there will be friction, but it’s less so that LK Light Strike switches are guaranteed for 100 million clicks. This is 4 times more than most mechanical switches of a similar price.

Different types

Both the Bloody B885N and Bloody B880R are equipped with optical switches, but of different types. The 85th model is equipped with the Blue type, i.e. tactile with a tangible and loud click, which is great for printing because it feels like a typewriter.

And the 80 R is equipped with Red switches, which are linear, quiet, and versatile. Actually, my house is open, without soundproofing, so Blue is contraindicated for me. But Red is exactly what I need.

Bloody B880R

Now let’s talk about the keyboards themselves – and honestly, if I had been told that these were models from different companies, I would probably have believed it. Because the Bloody B880R looks like a gaming vintage from 2007, which by some miracle has survived to this day in its packed boxes.

The model not only speaks, but screams of its gaming roots; it is almost entirely plastic, with a huge number of decorative elements, with a handle on top, which reminds me of an alien blaster.

There are 5 side keys and symmetrical backlighting elements, although the keyboard itself is not symmetrical.

The logo even shimmers with a rainbow, which is amazing and wonderful.

In a good or bad way – it depends entirely on how much you are a fan of the same gaming vintage from 2007. I don’t mind it at all, especially considering that the keyboard itself is built with high quality and, again, the switches are nice.

There is a full RGB backlight, by the way, with a dozen variable profiles and a slightly smaller number of presets – six, if I’m not confused. More about the backlight later, but it’s great and is also controlled without any problems.

Bloody B885N

Next to the B880R, the Bloody B885N keyboard looks like it’s from the future. From the future, which someone will call boring, and someone will call restrained and solid. It doesn’t matter, the 85 really has much less charisma, but it is very traditional, partially metal, and much more versatile. Even the logo is stylish with a longitudinal slash.

There are no additional keys, but there is a palm rest, albeit non-removable, and the backlight is not full RGB, but sectoral. Actually, it is controlled in smaller intervals, there are only three presets, one of which is a complete shutdown.


Втім, обидві моделі керуються через програмне забезпечення KeyDominator 2. Both of them support very powerful macro management, the ability to combine mouse and keyboard clicks, and actually change the assignment of keys.

At the same time, the B880R supports RGB changes, and presets can be animated even manually! By the way, write in the comments if you want to see a full guide on how to create your own animations for Bloody keyboards, because you can really do anything you want. Just like in macros, but for macros, you need to know almost programming.

Additional information

Well, actually, except for the appearance and backlighting, Bloody B885N and Bloody B880R are almost similar. Cables are braided, non-removable, 180 cm long. The caps are ABS, with a cross profile, as I understand it – compatible with Cherry MX. N-Key Rollover of all buttons is supported, and additional media functions are implemented via the Fn key.

Both keyboards have drainage holes, both have moisture-proof printed circuit boards and the same angle of retractable legs, which are not rubberized in the contact areas, but have rubber spacers around the entire perimeter of the bottom.

Another common feature is that the accessibility of the models is expressed in the quality of the switch stabilization. The buttons dance in place noticeably – and I would be lying if I said that this does not affect the feel of the keyboards, or that it has a positive effect.

However, I’d also be lying if I said it was completely satisfying, because you shouldn’t confuse the stabilization of the switch with the stabilization of the… cap. Poor cap stabilization leads to problems with pressing, and there are no problems here. And all keycaps have dances in place, absolutely all keyboards have them. Although they are not always so noticeable.

Conclusions on Bloody B885N and Bloody B880R

Both models are interesting, charismatic, and have obvious advantages. But the main advantage of both models is, of course, the switches, which will serve you for a long and faithful service. If you like the tactile feedback and sound, of course.

I especially liked the 880R for obvious reasons, it brought me back to 2007 a little bit, and I’m the last one to say that’s a bad thing. But both the Bloody B885N and the Bloody B880R, I’m sure, will easily find a user.

Video about Bloody B885N and Bloody B880R

You can see the dynamics of the beauties here:

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