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Guide to buying your first camera in 2021


Buying a digital camera for the first time can be an exciting experience and one that you will cherish forever. But it doesn’t have to be. It should be a joyous occasion. With modern advancement and technology, most of us already own a camera which is our smartphone. Whether you are trying to become a photographer or even starting a hobby, there are many factors that one should consider when buying a camera for the first time. The most common question that many people have is, “what camera should I buy?”. As much as brands do make a difference in choosing an excellent camera, there is no one model fits for all kind of decision. You need to understand the actual benefits of the cameras and how you can use them to make money out of it.

If you don’t know anything about cameras or even how to use them, research and a bit of developing your skill are necessary. If you ask any professional photographer, they will tell you that the best way to use any camera as a beginner, is to shoot in raw format, pop-up flash, manual controls, and no interchangeable lenses. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with your gear and as you grow, you can move on to a more advanced camera. Everyone has to start somewhere and choosing a beginners camera will help you learn the basics and help you get into photography. Here are some of the key factors you should consider when buying a camera in 2021!

Setting a Budget

It may be one of the most boring factors when choosing a camera but it is important. You wouldn’t want to come across a camera you love and then not be able to buy it. Probably one of the worst feelings! Cameras come in different sizes and as cheap as a few thousand dollars or even as expensive as 5 figures. Once you have determined your budget, you can narrow down your options and split the difference between them.

What is your purpose?

One of the most important questions that you need to figure out before you begin your journey as a photographer. Whether for professional photography or personal, it is essential to know the reason before you spend money on buying your camera. If you see yourself wanting to get better and better over time you might want to consider a camera today that can grow with you for tomorrow.

Type of Camera

The two main types of cameras are Mirrorless and DSLR. Both of them offer many features as well as pros and cons. A DSLR is one where it has a mirror inside which allows you to see the scene when you look through the viewfinder. It creates an optical image in front of you. Whereas the Mirrorless camera doesn’t have a mirror, hence the name. But it shows a digital image of the scene in front of the camera.

Type of Camera 

A DSLR is constructed heavier and bigger compared to a mirrorless which can be troublesome for some photographers. If you buy a Mirrorless you won’t be able to borrow a great lens from a friend who has a DSLR. You cannot mix and match across the two systems that’s why you need the choose the camera that matches your need.

Sensor Size

As far as picture quality and exposure flexibility are concerned these are the main reasons people buy DSLR cameras. The most important when it comes to sensors are the size of the sensor and the number of pixels it contains. The larger the sensor, the more light can be captured which will offer more details in your recording. Your resulting image will be more dynamic and the quality of the picture will increase drastically.

Manual Mode

For those who are planning to become a professional photographer, the option of shooting in manual mode is a great feature for you to have. Although it takes a certain skill to understand and master the dynamics of manual. It can be quite beneficial as you can learn how to expose manually and you can adjust the camera settings according to your preference. Having a designated button for both aperture and shutter speed makes it a lot easier to shoot in manual mode and also quicker.

Sensor Cleaning

One key feature that must pay attention to is the automatic sensor cleaning. This feature can be extremely beneficial as you don’t have to spend cleaning your sensor in between shoots or even before and after a shoot. It isn’t as big of a problem as it sounds but somethings you forget and by the time you realize it may be too late. An automatic sensor cleaning will clean your sensor every time you turn your sensor on. You no longer have to spend hours cleaning up a file in post-processing.

The grip and size

It is important that you physically purchase a camera. Always try carrying and holding your camera before you take it home. It shouldn’t be that you will be uncomfortable while shooting and restrict your movement. Some cameras can be bulky or the grip may not be to your satisfaction. Another point worth mentioning is the quick accessibility on the camera, which means functions such as menu pop-up, simple structure, and easy to learn are important factors as well. Touchscreen models usually offer a familiar user experience but can be frustrating if the buttons or screen is not organized well. After all, it will be your partner for the years to come.

Camera: The grip and size


Once you have narrowed down your camera choice according to your necessity. The most important step in your research. Find out what people are saying about the cameras of your choice, be it a customer or a professional. The best reviews that will provide a lot of details and thorough testing are from review websites. They give you an in-depth analysis and offer the best choices to match your need!

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