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Investors Flocking to SCORP: Why and What is It?


Investors Flocking to SCORP: Why and What is It?

Ever since the first crypto casino went live in 2013, so-called ‘gambling tokens’ have been gaining traction in the cryptocurrency market.

In 2024, there are now nearly 1,000 crypto gambling apps – or Dapps – with over 2,000 crypto casino sites. On these sites, members of the crypto community can play thousands of games, deposit their tokens, make crypto withdrawals, and even receive 200% bonuses of up to $10,000.

Investors Flocking to SCORP: Why and What is It?

While many popular gaming tokens have been doing the rounds in the market – including TGC, RLB, FUN, and XED – in the last few months, investors have been flocking toward SCORP, which is touted to be the next best crypto gambling coin in 2024.

What is SCORP?

SCORP is a one-stop token that was created to facilitate all kinds of crypto gambling. Powered by the SCORPION blockchain ecosystem, SCORP works to drive its value by making tokens scarcer the more they are played and engaged with.

What is SCORP?

It has been attracting massive investment since its successful exchange listing, with investors able to acquire SCORP using ETH, USDT, and BNB. During the presale late last year, 280 million tokens were able to be acquired, with a further 300 million released for affiliate incentives.

Why is SCORP a Hit?

One of the main drivers behind SCORP’s success has been the excitement generated during the presale phase. During this time, participants were offered a 500% bonus into the SCORPION ecosystem, while investors who contributed over $100,000 were able to receive 40% credit. The elite club also offered numerous cashback rewards, a VIP service, and increased allocation of SCORP currency, working to draw more investors in with a range of exclusive benefits.

One of the biggest reasons why SCORP has reignited interest, however, comes in its innovative rewards program. When staking in the pool system, investors have the ability to earn around 10,000 USDT daily, while Gold members can earn both USDT and SCORP tokens. The strategy has ten phases in total, with 10% segments released every 24 hours, followed by 10-day intervals between each phase.

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How Far Will SCORP Go?

At this stage, it’s unclear how far SCORP – and SCORPION itself – will grow, but things are certainly looking positive. The USDT token is one of the most popular amongst investors, with a number of practical uses, so the promise of earning more is clearly working.

SCORPION has also asserted itself as a trustworthy gambling platform. With accessibility, security and safety being major players in an online gambling platform’s success, SCORPION has built that trust as a fully licenced and regulated casino, demonstrating its commitment to safety through partnerships with both Solidproof and Assure DeFi.

The innovative approach to attaining users, the sheer amount of quality games provided on the platform, the partnerships, and the emphasis on safety are all key factors that should lead to steady growth over the next few years. Now that the crypto market is bouncing back, if you’re scanning the market in the search for your next investment, make sure you keep a keen eye on this burgeoning token.

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