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Mixed reality: how virtual and augmented reality are changing our perception of the world.


Mixed reality: how virtual and augmented reality are changing our perception of the world.

What is mixed reality?

Mixed Reality (MR) is an area where the virtual and real worlds intertwine to create a unique experience for users.

Mixed reality combines virtual objects with the real environment. Unlike virtual reality, which creates its own environment, MR interacts with the outside world. It allows us to see virtual objects embedded in real space using special devices such as augmented reality glasses or smartphones.

For example:

  • Education: Students can learn anatomy by observing virtual organs interacting with real objects.
  • Design: Architects can see virtual models of real-size buildings while standing on a construction site.
  • Medicine: Doctors can perform complex surgeries using virtual tools that interact with real tissues.

According to a PwC study, the mixed reality market is expected to be worth $80 billion by 2025. The result of the development of this technology and its promising future is a novelty from Apple – augmented reality glasses.

What is mixed reality?

Mixed reality uses a variety of devices that allow users to interact with virtual objects in the real world. Here are some of them:

Augmented reality (AR) glasses:

AR glasses, such as Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap, allow users to see virtual objects embedded in real-world environments. They are excellent for education, design and entertainment purposes.

Smartphones and tablets:

AR-enabled smartphones and tablets can be used to view virtual objects through the device’s camera. For example, you can measure the size of a room or see how furniture would look in a particular interior.

Wearable devices:

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Smartwatches and wristbands can display real-time information such as notifications, step count or pulse.

Wearable devices

AR glasses are a novelty that promises to change our perception of the world. They will allow users to see virtual objects without being detached from the real world.

Projection devices:

AR projectors can project virtual objects onto real surfaces, such as tables or walls.

How it affects our perception of the world

1. Reality enrichment:

  • Mixed reality allows us to see virtual objects interacting with the real world. This can be anything from virtual furniture in your room to animated characters that suddenly appear in front of you.
  • This changes our perception, expanding the boundaries of reality and adding new layers of information.

2 Immersion:

  • Augmented reality glasses immerse us into another world, where virtual objects become part of our surroundings.
  • This changes our perception of space and time, making it more rich and interesting.

3 Interactivity:

  • Mixed reality allows us to interact with virtual objects. We can explore them, create them, modify them and even play with them.
  • This changes our perception from a passive observer to an active participant.

4 New opportunities:

  • Mixed reality opens up new ways for us to learn, design, entertain and communicate.
  • We can see and feel things that were previously inaccessible.

Who creates these programs and devices and how? Can I create an augmented reality application?

Large companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Magic Leap and others are developing hardware such as augmented reality glasses and tracking sensors. These devices allow the user to interact with virtual objects in the real world.

Software development for mixed reality includes the development of applications that can work with this hardware.

You can also create your own application or software using augmented reality technology. To do this, you will need programming skills, an understanding of mixed reality technology and access to development tools. However, if you want to take a professional approach, you don’t have to turn to giants like Microsoft; you can use companies that specialize in customized IT solutions, such as Elinext.

For self-study on the subject, there are many online courses, educational materials and programming communities available to help you master mixed reality and create your application.

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From virtual objects in real space to new opportunities for learning and design, MR is changing our perceptions. We hope that our introductory article has made this concept, which we often encounter on today’s Internet, more understandable, and that you want to try out the technology yourself.

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