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Six Proven Strategies to Monitor Productivity and Boost Performance


Given the current economic conditions that encompass us today, it has never been as imperative to monitor productivity with the intention of boosting performance.

While the prevailing recession is not directly related to a lack of productivity in the global workforce but more due to a plethora of unfavourable economic conditions such as Brexit, the war in Ukraine, and the lingering effects of Covid-19. Given these recessionary conditions, companies are seeking to maximise revenue by improving productivity, and every manager and executive is incessantly dissecting ways to achieve this desired outcome.

Six Proven Strategies to Monitor Productivity and Boost Performance

Whilst employers expect a high level of productivity from their employees, it is essential that they furnish them with the suitable tools and skills to carry out their jobs in an efficient and timely manner. With this in mind, here are six strategies to monitor productivity and boost performance that have stood the test of time, and should be in every manager’s toolkit.

1. Encourage and foster collaboration

It is imperative that your team is performing to a high standard and that all output is maximised. To achieve this, workers need to feel valued and encouraged to voice their opinions. Team building exercises should be prioritised, and remote and office-based workers should be encouraged to connect via Microsoft Teams on a regular basis.

Six Proven Strategies to Monitor Productivity and Boost Performance

To combat any potential IT and software issues, and to assist the hybrid working model, you might consider seeking the services of dedicated B2B communications providers such as Gamma, which offers streamlined Microsoft Teams calling capabilities with Microsoft Teams Operator Connect.

2. Keep your workers happy and healthy

It is a proven fact that a happy and healthy team leads to a productive workforce, regardless of the industry or sector in which your company operates. There are many ways in which you might strive to do so. BBC Worklife particularly recommends asking employees personally what would make them perform better is essential to keep productivity high, and being as transparent and honest as possible with your employees.

Keep your workers happy and healthy

3. Ensure your team are happy and engaged

Like many of the suggestions mentioned in this article, they are more commonsensical than revolutionary ideas. It is surprising, though, how many managers choose to forego their team’s happiness as they are more obsessed with the monthly profit and loss figures.

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4. Perfection is the enemy of productivity

While every company, manager, and employee should strive to do the best they can, it is proven that being fastidious can often have the opposite effect and leads to procrastination on many occasions. Ultimately this leads to employee disengagement and poor morale within the team.

Perfection is the enemy of productivity

5. Good communication is essential for high performance to occur

Re-work is a dirty word in companies and is often the bain of many compliance and operation managers. When re-works and errors are examined, often the root cause stems from poor communication from the management team to commence with. Instead, try to ensure your communication is as effective as possible – after all, good communication is the key to maximising productivity.

6. Set realistic targets

Most managers like to set goals and targets that are ambitious in the hopes of driving productivity and performance. While this is understandable, it is salient to provide constant feedback and to ensure that targets and rewards are aligned, as stressed-out workers will inevitably lead to poor productivity.

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