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How to Choose a Power Supply for Your New PC


No matter what, the power supply unit is often underestimated when assembling a PC, but it distributes the incoming energy from the network to each of the computer components – and this is a very important function. Therefore, choosing a power supply unit is a question that should not be ignored when planning to upgrade your PC.


For instance, ASUS offers several distinct lines of power supplies, each distinguished by a unique set of features and an interesting design. The ROG Strix Aura Gold Edition lineup provides high performance in a stylish case, while the ROG Thor offers maximum power with excellent performance and impeccable cooling, both featuring Aura Sync RGB lighting. On the other hand, the ROG Loki, as you might guess from the name, is the younger sibling of the Thor series, offering the same platinum efficiency but in a more compact SFX-L form factor for Mini-ITX builds. As for the ASUS TUF Gaming Gold series, it’s designed to withstand the test of time and operate in your PC for many years.


ASUS provides a convenient table for NVIDIA and AMD graphics processors that will guide you on the required power based on your existing hardware – this is helpful if you’re unsure about the power you need.


So, if you have an Intel i5 processor and an RTX 4080, it is recommended to choose a 750W power supply, for example, TUF Gaming 750W Gold or ROG Strix 750W Gold Aura Edition. If you then upgrade to an i9 and RTX 4090, you will need to accordingly increase the power of the power supply to 1000W.

How to Choose a Power Supply for Your New PC

You can also choose a power supply one level higher than necessary if you have many connected devices. A high-quality power supply can serve you for many years and comes with a 10-year warranty (for ROG and TUF Gaming power supplies).

Level of efficiency

It’s also worth considering the power supply efficiency factor – the higher the efficiency (measured in efficiency percentage), the better it converts watts from the electrical grid into watts for your computer. This results in lower electricity bills, less heating of the power supply and the entire PC, and consequently less noise from the cooling system.


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Fortunately, all modern ROG and TUF Gaming power supplies are 80 Plus Gold certified or higher, meaning that at 50% load, they can convert 90% of the alternating current from the grid into direct current for your computer. Premium-class power supplies, such as the Thor 1000W Platinum II or Thor 1600W Titanium, can boast even higher efficiency.

Modular and non-modular design

All ROG and TUF Gaming power supplies have a modular design, which means you can disconnect cables you’re not using for better cable management and a cleaner look for your build.

TUF Gaming

Moreover, many current-generation graphics cards utilize the new 12VHPWR standard. The current generation of ROG and TUF power supplies comes with special 12VHPWR cables included, meaning you won’t need an adapter for a graphics card using this standard.

Additional advantages

ROG Thor power supplies support Aura Sync RGB lighting and come equipped with a built-in OLED display that can be controlled using Armoury Crate. For cooling, additional radiators are used in all ROG power supplies, ensuring truly silent operation of your PC. If necessary, the 135mm Axial-tech fan can come into action while maintaining an acceptable level of acoustic performance.


How to Choose a Power Supply for Your New PC

And finally, if you’re into vibrant builds, opt for the white color to make your system more expressive and stylish. ASUS has designed white versions of some power supplies, like the ROG Loki 850W Platinum White Edition. With white coating and matching cables, your build will get the perfect designer accent.

ROG Loki 850W Platinum White Edition

Regardless of which power supply you choose, you can be confident that with ASUS and Republic of Gamers power supplies, your system will receive reliable, stable power for all components of your PC.

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