AudioHeadphonesNoble Falcon 2 earphones review: Riding the waves of audiophile sound

Noble Falcon 2 earphones review: Riding the waves of audiophile sound


For many users, the Noble brand has always been associated with luxury, quality sound and premium design. Not so long ago, engineers updated the line of TWS earphones with the Noble Falcon 2. Will this model leave the fans of the American brand happy? We'll see.

noble falcon 2


The Noble Falcon 2 are fully wireless in-channel earphones. The manufacturer has placed a powerful 6-mm dynamic emitter with a double graphene aperture in the buds. The buds are based on the Qualcomm QCC3040 chip, which allows the device to work quite quickly and efficiently, resulting in good sound quality. The earphones are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 wireless module and support the following codecs: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, SBC, AAC.

The declared battery life of the device is 10 hours provided that you listen at medium volume. Many people will be happy to see the inclusion of IPX7 dust and moisture protection.

Positioning and price of the Noble Falcon 2

These earbuds are positioned by the manufacturer as a mid-segment audiophile device. Looking at the price tag of $165 and assessing the appearance of them, you might think they cost even more than that. If you compare with the nearest competitors like the Jabra Elite 75t, JBL Under Armour Flash X, Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Pro, Noble clearly surpasses them when it comes to build quality and the materials used.

noble falcon 2

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What's in the box

The earbuds come in a blue branded box. It looks stylish and expensive. Inside you will find not only a case and earphones, but also several accessories: a charging cable, branded silicone tips in sealed packaging, a soft case for transporting and storing earphones. Taking into account modern trends and customer focus of many companies, I would like to see at least a couple more foam tips in the set.

noble falcon 2

Design, materials, build quality of the Noble Falcon 2

The materials that are used too are top quality. The case and headphones are made of shockproof plastic. The build quality of the Noble Falcon 2 is great. Taking earphones in your hands, you realize that these are premium brand products with a serious approach to manufacturing. The earphone and case have a soft touch coating.

The layout

The buds have a special case with charging contacts inside. The earphones themselves sit on the magnets inside the case. The charging case lid is held in the closed position by the magnet. The buds have control keys in the form of a mechanical platform button. The platforms themselves notify you of their work with LEDs.

noble falcon 2

Ergonomics and comfort of use

Both the earbuds and the case itself have streamlined and concise shapes that many users will like. The ergonomics of the buds is decent, they fit well, but provided that the ear tips are selected correctly. This is where I had problems: I just couldn't find the right size and had to resort to use my own tips.

Anyway, ergonomics is okay, but there's one important point. When buying earbuds, it is worth paying attention to the case itself. Although compact in size, it is quite large in height, it has almost a cubic shape. It fits in a pocket of jeans, but it will protrude very much and cause some inconvenience. So immediately count on the case itself to be held in a bag or large jacket pocket.

It is convenient to remove the earphones from the case in any use case - the lid opens easily. When you open it, the diodes on the case and the headphones themselves begin to blink, which will help to navigate in the dark. In order not to confuse the buds, the right earphone blinks in red. It makes sense.

Connection, controls and software

The device uses Bluetooth 5.2 wireless protocol. You can use Noble Sound Suite software to connect and configure. With its help you can adjust equalizer parameters, button commands, etc.


Noble Sound Suite 2.2
Noble Sound Suite 2.2
Developer: Noble Audio
Price: Free


‎Noble Sound Suite
‎Noble Sound Suite
Developer: Noble HiFi, LLC
Price: Free

You can also simply connect the device via BT by removing the earphones from the case and selecting them from the context menu on your mobile device, in the Bluetooth section.

  • The left Tap enables Hear Thrue ambient sound system where you can hear the surrounding sounds without taking the buds out of your ears.
  • Long press of the left earphone will turn on the voice assistant.
  • In the software you can tie several functions to the right and left earphones buttons: double tap and triple tap can assign a volume change, play/pause, track switching.

When you press the control buttons themselves, you can hear a click. When pressed, if you wear small ear cushions, the buds presses against the ear and cause a "vacuum effect", which is occasionally annoying.

Sound of the Noble Falcon 2

The sound of the device is neutral and smooth, and quite detailed. This is one of those cases where a wireless device is able to compete with wired rivals.

The virtual headphone scene has an average width and a little less space in depth. The distribution of instruments is carried out competently and accurately, relative to the ideas of the performers and sound engineers themselves.

The bottom range neat and palpable, with some punch. The bass has energy and mass. The depth of the register is also average.

The average frequencies are smooth and melodic, the detail and resolution of the segment are commendable, the timbres are natural, their thickness is comparable to the natural voices of performers. The instruments are outlined and tangible, string movements and echoes are well defined.

The highs are moderately soft and detailed. All the sounds are perfectly separated, they do not mix with each other. When playing instrumental multi-parts, the sound remains airy and readable. High frequences has always been the strength of the company, and despite BT, the sound never disappoints.

noble falcon 2

Noise control and Ambient sound

There is no active noise control due to the use of external microphones in the device. It is strange that the manufacturer did not implement this function, because in some models of this price range this option is available.

Passive sound insulation is responsible for cutting off sounds, and it's average. Outside you will hear almost no one, external sounds do not interfere with comfortable listening in noisy places. If you choose the right tips, everything will be comfortable and silent. If necessary, you can use the Ambient mode function to hear the world around you.


The sound of your voice will be transmitted with an average level of quality. This is not the device that should be used as a headset. But it's quite possible to answer the call comfortably.


Due to the use of a quality wireless transmitter, there are no issues with the connection, even if the device is in another room and there is a wall between you. The signal is stable, no distortion has been observed. Further 12 meters, the signal starts to weaken. But that’s the limit to wireless technology and its physical and technical limitations.

noble falcon 2


There are almost no delays when playing video from streaming services. Or rather, they're imperceptible. There were no delays when playing FLAC from the Shanling M6. Everything is instant. The same applies to the buttons on the headphones themselves. When pressed, you get lightning-fast response. Everything is well-tuned.

Battery life

The headset is equipped with a good battery,  Type-C is used for charging. The earphone battery has a capacity of 60 mAh, the charging case itself is 500 mAh. On one charge, the headphones are able to survive for up to 10 hours at 70% volume. After putting buds in the case for only 15 minutes, you can get as much as 2 hours of music. I had to charge the case itself every three to four days, which is quite convenient.


The Noble Falcon 2 are very good earphones. Affordable, with great build quality and sound, this model has it all.

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Build quality
Battery life
Noble Audio Falcon 2 are solid mid-range earphones that will allow you to fully enjoy audiophile sound for a reasonable price tag. The headset boasts excellent build quality and materials. The only thing to consider when buying them is the specific shape of the sound guides. We strongly recommend that you try them on before buying and take more time to select the correct size of tips.
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