Root NationNewsAirCar have sold their flying car technology to a Chinese firm

AirCar have sold their flying car technology to a Chinese firm


About two years ago, AirCar embarked on a remarkable mission to manufacture cars that can fly. The success of this mission didn’t go unnoticed, as some big tech firms took an interest in the flying car concept. Now, Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company is purchasing AirCar’s technology to be in use in the development and manufacturing of the future of transportation.

With this purchase, China shows that they are pushing to be ahead of the automobile industry with flying cars. Regions like the UK are expecting the influx or usage of flying taxis by 2028 in a bid to explore other modes of transportation. For this kind of flying car, concepts and products from the likes of Xpeng will be necessary as they take off from a spot.


The AirCar technology purchased by Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company requires a runway to take off. Additionally, it makes use of a fuel-powered engine, which might not be the best bet for the environment. Thanks to this purchase, the AirCar design will be in for the production of flying cars within China before moving out to other regions.

Even though the Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company might use AirCar’s design, they might also make some changes to it. These changes might include the removal of the fuel-powered engine, making it an EV. Another change might be to tweak the design to let this flying car take off from a standing position.

This will eliminate the need for a runway that the current design of the AirCar flying car needs. However, this won’t be the only flying car that aims to debut in China as the market is already competitive. All products from various flying car manufacturing firms are test products at this time, and we are waiting to see them in real-world usage.

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