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Root NationNewsApple is working on foldable iPhones and iPads

Apple is working on foldable iPhones and iPads


Apple may have just released the Vision Pro, but it hasn’t forgotten about foldable iPhones and iPads. A new report from The Information reveals that the company is developing “at least two” iPhone prototypes that fold horizontally, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Flip devices.

It’s unlikely we’ll see a foldable iPhone anytime soon, if at all, as The Information reports that the device isn’t part of the company’s mass production plans for 2024 or 2025. Although the company reportedly wants to create a foldable iPhone with displays on the outside of the device, The Information claims that engineers “struggled” with the design because it could easily break.

Apple foldable

In addition, engineers also want to develop a foldable device that is “as thin as current iPhone models”, but the size of the battery and display components make this a difficult task. So far, Apple has been talking to “at least one” manufacturer in Asia about purchasing parts for foldable iPhones of various sizes, The Information reports.

The long-announced foldable iPad is also in the works. According to The Information, Apple is considering developing a folding tablet that will be roughly the same size as the iPad Mini with an eight-inch display. It is reported that Apple engineers working on the product are trying to reduce the crease that appears in the centre of the display and also want to develop a hinge that will allow the display to lie flat when unfolded.

It’s not yet clear when Apple might release a foldable iPad, but a recent report from The Elec suggests that Apple is preparing a seven- or eight-inch device for 2026 or 2027.

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