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Root NationNewsGoogle Assistant on Android Auto seems to be broken after the recent redesign

Google Assistant on Android Auto seems to be broken after the recent redesign


After a recent update, users of Google Assistant on Android Auto have been facing some serious challenges. Users of this service on their car’s infotainment system or the Android Auto app are now getting an “oops, something went wrong” error message. This error pops up whenever users try to access the service on their vehicle’s infotainment system.

Well, this new issue is currently being faced by some users of the service on their vehicles. Other users, however, are not experiencing this issue with their vehicle’s infotainment or their Android Auto app, as accessing Google Assistant is smooth for them. Some of these users who can still use the Google Assistant service smoothly have yet to install the latest update or get a more stable one.

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The latest update to either the Android Auto app (after the redesign) or the Google app is the reason for this malfunction that users are facing now. These updates were available on the Google Play Store for installation sometime last month. Reports of the Google Assistant on Android Auto issue started rolling in towards the end of the month after more people installed the update.

Some users have found that uninstalling the update from the device helps to fix the issue and brings Google Assistant services back. However, it’s now exactly clear which app is bringing this issue, whether it is the Android Auto app (after the redesign) or the Google app. So if you are currently facing this issue, we’ll advise you to consider uninstalling both updates.

At this moment, Google seems to be working to get users back to Google Assistant functionality on their devices. Our sources say a stable fix to this issue for users facing it might be available in the coming days. Once the update is available, it’ll arrive at users’ devices via an OTA upgrade.

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