Root NationNewsHMD announced self-branded devices and a Barbie clamshell at #MWC2024

HMD announced self-branded devices and a Barbie clamshell at #MWC2024


Within the Mobile World Congress, the HMD (Human Mobile Devices) company presented its new multi-branding strategy and announced new products for 2024. Yes, the manufacturer of Nokia phones from 2016 will now create new original devices under its brand.

Seven years of cooperation and support allowed us to achieve a lot. And we plan to do even more by introducing the new HMD to the world, said Jean-Francois Baril, Chairman of the Board and CEO of HMD. – We want to become a catalyst for positive and profitable changes using a multi-brand strategy: developing new original HMD devices, creating Nokia phones and cooperating with well-known global partners.

HMD announced self-branded devices and a Barbie clamshell at #MWC2024

The manufacturer creates award-winning devices that can be repaired and phones that last longer. In Europe, Australia and New Zealand, “repairable” devices accounted for 1:4 of HMD smartphone sales in 2023. The company predicts that the figure will rise to 3:4 devices in Europe, Australia and New Zealand this year, and expects half of the smartphones it sells globally to be repairable.

HMD announced self-branded devices and a Barbie clamshell at #MWC2024

In the summer, HMD repairability will reach a new level, reducing the number of actions required to repair the screen. The company offers to join the FIY (Fix it Yourself) movement. “A year ago, we introduced our first repairable phone, which was met with great enthusiasm. “12 months later, we’re determined to continue pushing the boundaries to redefine repairability,” said HMD Europe, Americas and Enterprise Vice President James Robinson. “More and more people are looking for devices that are easy to restore so they can use them longer, and we’re excited to make that process as easy as possible.”

Also this summer, the manufacturer will present a smartphone that is a platform for innovation. The company introduced the first version of the toolkit for developers and businesses, which includes design files and information about software integration, available on the official website.

HMD announced self-branded devices and a Barbie clamshell at #MWC2024

In addition, the company added that this summer they plan to return the iconic device and presented a star line of new brands that will appear on the market. HMD has already announced partnerships with Mattel and Barbie. “We are proud to work with great partners and look forward to expanding our collaboration with dynamic new colleagues like Mattel,” said HMD Marketing Director Lars Silberbauer. “Barbie and HMD aim to surprise the world with a new flip phone that will hit the market this summer.”

HMD announced self-branded devices and a Barbie clamshell at #MWC2024

The Barbie folding phone will appear in the summer of 2024 and will change the perception of smartphone culture. This device promises to embody the vintage chic of the original brand with a touch of pink and glitter. The demand for push-button phones is increasing as young people decide to limit the time spent in front of the smartphone screen. So the clamshell Barbie will offer a solution for a digital detox.

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