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Root NationNewsHuawei Mate X6 will bring some changes to the tech giant's foldable line-up

Huawei Mate X6 will bring some changes to the tech giant’s foldable line-up


One of the many foldable devices that we expect to launch this year is the Huawei Mate X6, and there are some details on this device. Popular tech tipster Digital Chat Station has a thing or two to share with netizens on this coming foldable device. From his reveal concerning this device, we can expect some improvements in certain areas as well as some carry-over features from its predecessor, the Mate X5.

We will first look at the changes or improvements that this coming device will bring to the foldable market at launch. This coming device might be a larger foldable device if Digital Chat Station’s reveals are accurate. According to the tipster’s findings, this foldable will come with a larger secondary screen and lens module.

Huawei Mate X6 will bring some changes to the tech giant's foldable line-up

He also points out that this coming foldable device will be lightweight and thin. The increase in the lens module or camera bump might be a result of the reduction in the overall thickness of the coming foldable device. This device might also come with a leather option for buyers which will come in purple just for some aesthetics.

Now for the similarities, the coming Huawei Mate X6 will carry over the design of its predecessor. It will also make use of the same processor that is found on the Mate X5 from last year. This means that in terms of performance, we should expect something similar from the predecessor and its successor.

One major change that this device will bring, but we’re yet to confirm, is its folding mechanism. Already we have learnt that Huawei is working on a tri-folding device, and Digital Chat Station points this out as well in his reveal of the Mate X6. Will the coming Mate X6 introduce Huawei’s tri-folding mechanism that’s currently in the works?

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