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MacPaw leaves Russia and Belarus


MacPaw – a Ukrainian developer of popular iOS and MacOS apps, has announced that it completely leaves Russia and Belarus.


Since the beginning of the invasion, MacPaw used its apps to spread the truth about War in Ukraine to users of Russia and Belarus. The article received 167K views from Russia and 121K – from Belarus. Roskomnadzor recently banned all sources listed in the article, as well as the article itself.

Given this, the company has decided to cease operations in Russia and Belarus. Apps no longer will be available on either the site or the App Store in these countries, and users who have previously purchased MacPaw products will no longer be able to renew their licenses. The Buy Now and Free Download buttons in the MacPaw store for users from Russia and the Republic of Belarus now link to a blog post with the company’s position on the invasion.

All funds previously received from the sale of MacPaw products in Russia and Belarus will be transferred to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

You can also help Ukraine fight with Russian occupants via Savelife.

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