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Root NationNewsPolestar Phone design shown off in a recent video teaser

Polestar Phone design shown off in a recent video teaser


Following the competition, Polestar is working to launch its smartphone. The Polestar Phone. The design of this coming smartphone has hit the internet thanks to a video teaser of the coming product. For this video, netizens are aware of what to expect from this coming smartphone in terms of its design, but specifications remain unknown.

Speaking of its specifications, only random speculations of this are currently available on the internet. Just a few days ago during the inaugural Polestar Day event, the company showed off a lot of things, including the teaser of their coming smartphone. From the teaser the name of the device, Polestar Phone, is seen as well as its overall looks.

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Polestar Phone design shown off in a recent video teaser

The teaser video shows off various design cues that are reminiscent of not only Polestar, but also the company building this smartphone. These cues can be seen in the camera layout as well as its body design and finish. Electric vehicle brands stepping into the smartphone manufacturing space might be becoming a trend, but let’s see what Polestar has to offer.

Design details on the coming Polestar Phone that is being developed by Meizu

From the promotional video, netizens can identify the rear camera design of Meizu smartphones. This is clear from the circular flashlight and the rear camera setup. It might pack a triple or dual rear camera setup with a flashlight that has its cutout like all camera modules (each will sit alone like with Meizu devices).

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The flashlight cutout will come with a gold strip accent around its protrusion from the device’s rear glass panel. From the video, netizens can also identify that the rear cameras will have an f/1.9-22mm and an f/2.4-15mm aperture. On the front will be a centre cutout selfie camera, but details on this are not clear at the moment.

The side panel and the rear glass will hold the name of the device and the company’s logo. With this device, Polestar will try to push its software to users and create a seamless integration between the vehicle and the smartphone. It might also feature some flagship specifications to help it stand out.

Polestar Phone Teaser Video Leak

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