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Root NationNewsThe Ukrainian pilot talked about training on F-16 fighters

The Ukrainian pilot talked about training on F-16 fighters


The training of Ukrainian pilots and personnel for using F-16 fighters is proceeding according to plan. An Air Force pilot with the call sign “Phantom” told about this in an interview with the Voice of America. He also provided a photo of an aircraft with Ukrainian markings at one of the training bases.

“Preparation is proceeding in full, as planned. Not only are the pilots trained, but as you know, so are the ground staff, our mechanics who will maintain those aircraft and our support units who will ensure that the missions are completed. They prepare in the same way. According to the terms, as planned, about 6 months of training for one pilot or one group. But there are nuances, and they are mostly not related to our personnel, it is related to the administrative work of our partners, that is, there is bureaucracy, and it requires time. Therefore, it affected the time of preparation. But it is going according to plan,” the pilot noted.

F-16 pilot

Also, according to the plan, the infrastructure preparation for adopting the F-16 is underway. According to “Phantom”, there are certain difficulties, but the partners are helping to solve them, so everything will be ready by the time the planes arrive in Ukraine. The pilot emphasized that Ukrainian pilots are very impressed with the F-16 and the aircraft exceeded their expectations.

“Even with the amount of information they received during training, they (pilots) already see great prospects and opportunities that this aircraft opens up for our Air Force to increase the combat capabilities of our aviation,” said “Phantom”.

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