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A Little About Samsung Galaxy AI: The Problem of Really Useful AI


This material will come out BEFORE the direct receipt and testing of artificial intelligence in smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Why? Because why would I test a feature that not even every tenth journalist finds interesting?

Samsung Galaxy AI

And it’s not Samsung’s fault; the company did everything right. It’s just that there’s a certain paradigm in society, and I have become its victim. Until we deal with it, I don’t see the point in doing a review of the Samsung Galaxy AI at all.

If you don’t want to read, watch the video:

My approach to Galaxy AI

And a review can be done. Galaxy AI includes around a dozen separate features, and the discussion of these features can be approached in only two ways. Either by testing them for an extended period or by briefly listing what they do. After that, sapienti sat, decide for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy AI

I don’t really want to go for the first option because it’s not my expertise, and besides, testing artificial intelligence will only be possible from June of this year since the Ukrainian language will be available in certain functions only then. In another part, it’s not certain whether it will appear at all. Although it’s not crucially important.

Hype… and the lack of it

What’s important is that the theme of this material is different. Because Samsung missed one crucial detail. Artificial intelligence doesn’t generate excitement. Just like the Cupertino folks with the release of their virtual reality helmet won’t stir up the frenzy that could have been if they were the first.

Samsung Galaxy AI

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But they’re not the first, even if the helmet is incredible. We’ve already tasted that. And we’ve tasted artificial intelligence. News about ChatGPT or MidJorney used to be almost daily for a while, and even now, our website covers both news and reviews on the topic. Narrow AI has been around for several years. The train of novelty left a long time ago, hence the minimal interest.

Samsung Galaxy AI

And here’s where the user… sabotages themselves. There’s no frenzy, but there is experience and continuous improvement. Because creating artificial intelligence is not as simple as developing a regular program. It needs to learn. I personally wasn’t interested in it two or three years ago because I was made to understand – teaching AI would take a relatively long time, roughly two to three years, and without internet access, it wouldn’t be beneficial.

Advantages of Galaxy AI

And imagine, the unforeseen happened. Two or three years have passed! Artificial intelligence recognizes language, generates language, analyzes text, modifies text, generative completion works almost flawlessly, and video frame generation works great. And almost all of this is promised to work WITHOUT the Internet! The two reasons why I postponed my interest in artificial intelligence have resolved themselves over time!

Samsung Galaxy AI

So I don’t want you to perceive Galaxy AI like some airy control in Google Pixel, like the gamepad mode in LG smartphones when they had an additional display in the case, or like 2-megapixel macro cameras in budget smartphones. It’s not a marketing gimmick; it’s not a barely functioning toy; it’s not just for show.

Samsung Galaxy AI

Galaxy AI is just a feature of the interface. It’s on the level of copying text, rebooting the smartphone, or separate volume control. You can personally feel however you want about artificial intelligence, but saying it’s a toy is like claiming that the Pro video shooting mode or the built-in video editor in a smartphone is useless. It’s a tool, whether you like it or not.

Samsung Galaxy AI

Samsung DeX and the future

So, the interface itself, with the introduction of Galaxy AI, has become better. More functional. That’s it. Similarly, with Samsung DeX, because even in personal conversations, I encounter people who still consider Samsung DeX a toy that works slowly, is inconvenient, and has limited functionality. In this regard, if I were Samsung, I would allocate a separate part of the presentation to compare the initial versions of DeX with the latest ones.

Samsung Galaxy AI

Because in the latest versions, there’s keyboard control in games, native language switching through Windows key combinations, overall support for a vast number of Windows key combinations. I stopped testing the interface when I smoothly switched languages with the keyboard because I realized. It. It’s a potential Chromebook and cheap Windows device killer.

Samsung Galaxy AI

Now, I tested DeX on one of the weakest devices, where DeX updated to the latest version. On the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. And imagine what it will be like on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Text printing? Video editing? Ray tracing games?

Samsung Galaxy AI

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Mouse is supported, keyboard is supported, SSDs are supported, devices like Uperfect Lapdock cost as much as a cheap Android tablet but can serve as a second screen for a laptop, for example. So, their cost is justified. Plus, they also have a battery inside. And add to that… artificial intelligence. The ability to answer a call faster than on a laptop and more conveniently than on a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy AI

Working in the image editor, in certain tasks faster than Photoshop. Chatting in multiple chats with friends, business colleagues, and you will never mix up the tone of the conversation because Galaxy AI will correct you. And this is already happening. As for what’s next, I can’t even imagine. I’m just confident that Samsung will be adding artificial intelligence features just like it added, let’s say, the Pro camera mode or S-Pen features before.

Samsung Galaxy AI

And in conclusion, I want to convey to you the fact that artificial intelligence is finally useful. Objectively useful. The times when it barely worked have passed. Yes, you remember those times, but time flies quickly.


I personally will be eagerly following the development of Samsung Galaxy AI, much like I did with the development of Android when I started journalism in IT. Back then, I enjoyed savoring every new feature of the interface because it had room to grow. I believe it will be the same here. It might turn out that with each new update, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will bring about changes almost twice as significant, which will be very exciting.

But please, write in the comments – what specifically has been, or still is, a hindrance for YOU to be interested in the development of artificial intelligence, whether from Samsung or anyone else. Just don’t mention the Terminator; that involves general-purpose artificial intelligence, whereas in smartphones, it’s specialized. They are different things.

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