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Latest version of Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20 – What’s new?


Download Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20 and Caves & Cliffs for free on Android: copper ore and blocks, lightning rods and tinted glass, amethysts, and many more.

Developer: Mojang
Price: 690,00 ₽

What’s new in MCPE 1.17.10, 1.17.20 and

In fact, this latest Minecraft PE update so far features a ton of different stuff from oxidizing copper blocks to a freezing system and a new type of buckets.

Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20 & 1.17.30 - oxidizing copper blocks

For instance, there is now a lava cauldron. It emits a one-block Redstone signal when filled. Moreover, cauldrons are also used to collect Powder Snow in Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20.

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One of the prominent highlights here is the amethyst geodes. They spawn all throughout the world and contain at least three new blocks.

First of all, it’s an amethyst cluster. It’s where future crystals grow. There’s also a smooth white block called calcite.

Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20 & 1.17.30 - Calcite

Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20 also got a tuff block. It’s the geode’s outer block. To sum it up, we’ve got a variety of exciting and pretty blocks to build with.

Bundles & Candles

As a matter of fact, Mojang Studios additionally introduced a new light source — candles. They are made of honeycombs and strings.

You can ignite them using flint and steel. Besides, they are presented in all sixteen colors in Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20.

Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20 & 1.17.30 - Bundles & Candles

On the other hand, bundles are used to store approximately a stack of different things. Players can make them out of rabbit fur and strings.

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Powder Snow

Albeit, developers implemented the powder snow as well. This fluffy but dangerous block can be found in the mountains.

Users can collect it but will have to use a bucket rather than a shovel to do it. It’s used in contraptions in Minecraft 1.17.10, 1.17.20.

Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20 & 1.17.30 - Powder Snow

Furthermore, if you stay stuck in it too long, you’ll eventually freeze to death. However, the more leather armor you wear, the slowlier you freeze.

If you wear a full leather set, you will be invisible to it. As you can see, this update is to be overwhelmingly engaging.

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Download Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20 and 1.17.30

Full version Xbox Live:

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