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TOP-10 best mods for Minecraft PE on Android


For Minecraft PE on Android there are a huge number of mods on a variety of topics, but if you want to download really high-quality content, you should definitely take a look at our top 10 best mods for Minecraft PE on Android. No maps, knocked down on your knee at school break, or mods on trending memes from the Internet. Only the top mods for the current versions of Minecraft for 2023!

Developer: Mojang
Price: $6.99

10 – Zombie Apocalypse

Mod for fans of horror in Minecraft PE. I advise you to put on your best armor before meeting with harsh zombies, who will arrange a real apocalypse for players. Spoiler: the dead won’t even burn in the sun!

Zombie Apocalypse mod for Minecraft PE on Android

9 – Denwih’s Domestic Mobs

Denwih’s Domestic Mobs modification will allow you to tame almost any mob in the game. Not only local fauna, such as panda, pig or wolf, but also especially dangerous mobs, such as Blaze, Creeper or Varden, can be tamed. Mobs can be made to perform various actions, and some of them can be ridden.

Denwih's Domestic Mobs mod for Minecraft PE on Android

Plus there are mobs that will grant your character special statuses (fire resistance, flight, gills, etc.). To tame a mob, you need to acquire a special bone. Taming bones can be purchased from traveling merchants for all sorts of vanilla resources (snow, feathers, fish, iron, etc.).

8 – Roll and Stamina

Running and jumping in the usual Main… quite dull, what else can I say. But this can be fixed by installing in your game mod Roll and Stamina. Thanks to this mod your character will learn parkour, and will be able to jump and roll over a variety of obstacles.

Roll and Stamina mod for Minecraft PE on Android

The maximum height of the jump is as much as three blocks. However, these actions can not be performed indefinitely: there is a fatigue mechanic in the mod. Quite simple, but extremely spectacular mod, which will diversify the usual gameplay.

7 – Tacticool

Tacticool is a modification on firearms, and with a very, very high level of development. It’s amazing that it even starts and works on mobile Minecraft PE.

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Tacticool mod for Minecraft PE on Android

The sounds of firing, reloading animation, the trajectory of bullets, the number of weapons, casings left at the scene of shooting, and holes from hits in the blocks – everything is perfect here. In this mod you can even find two types of military uniforms. Download and participate in hurricane shootouts with your friends!

6 – KTM 1290 Super Duke R

KTM 1290 Super Duke R adds a motorcycle of the same name, in different color schemes, to Main.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R mod for Minecraft PE on Android

Why this mod is on the sixth place? It’s because driving such a cool motorcycle on the cubic expanse is damn fun! And if you involve a crowd of friends, and ask them to play the biker gang … well, you get where we’re going. In reality, there is only one seat on the bike, but in Main it will be able to fit two players. Before the races it is better to install some interesting shader on your game.

5 – Armour Mechs

If you are a fan of anime mechs (or large-sized vehicles), then Armour Mechs will definitely appeal to you.

Armour Mechs mod for Minecraft PE on Android

There are four robots to control, all of which differ in size, health, movement speed, jump height, and, of course, damage output. In addition, each robot has its own distinctive arsenal of weapons, both for close and long-range combat. In the setting of Main, such mechanical monsters look strange, but not vomitous.

4 – Scales and Feathers

Scales and Feathers is a modification for fans of exotic fauna. Parrots, harpy eagles, varans, crocodiles and even… devilish taintaurs.

Scales and Feathers mod for Minecraft PE on Android

Some of the animals are quite friendly, others not so much. Some of them can behave aggressively towards other animals. From each “animal” you can get unique loot, such as artifacts that give the player amazing abilities, or items for crafting useful equipment. Spend at least an evening or two on this mod should every player of Main.

3 – Medieval Furniture

Medieval Furniture – this is probably one of the most large-scale and vanilla furniture modifications for Minecraft PE. The mod introduces into the game a huge amount of all kinds of furniture and fittings in medieval style.

Medieval Furniture mod for Minecraft PE on Android

Signs, chairs, shelves for books, guillotines – the variety of content is amazing. List all the content – the task is not easy, and therefore it is better to download the mod, open the inventory and familiarize yourself with its contents. If you are a builder and are fond of such topics, then installing Medieval Furniture is a must.

2 – Jenny

Jenny mod. This is the topmost addon on the relationship with the girl, which adds to Minecraft PE not only the heroine herself, but also additional items.

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Jenny mod for Minecraft PE on Android

There is no point in talking about this add-on for a long time, I recommend just downloading it and seeing everything it offers. Download Jenny mod Pros: A special menu to choose how to interact with the character, additional items. Cons: unlike the Java edition mod for the pocket version, alas, will add only Jenny, but with her friend Ellie will not get acquainted.

1 – Elite Structures

All cube builders have been dreaming of such a mod as Elite Structures since the release of the game in 2009. By installing this modification, you can build houses, mansions, and almost entire stadiums in a few clicks. However, to spawn a special large building will still have to wait a minute or two. After all, we are playing on a phone…

Elite Structures mod for Minecraft PE on Android

To get the ability to instantly build structures, run the command /give structure_block and install a structure block in any convenient place. Next, select the “Load” mode, write the name of the desired structure (you will have to find it yourself) and press the “Load” button (twice). After a while, the selected structure will be saved in place of the structure block.

Download Top Mods for Minecraft PE

Install the top mods for Minecraft PE: New blocks, dangerous mobs, unique abilities and much more!

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