Root NationNewsHuawei launches P30 Series with four new beautifully blended colourways

Huawei launches P30 Series with four new beautifully blended colourways


To celebrate the launch of the new P30 Series and its four new beautifully blended colourways – Amber Sunrise, Breathing Crystal, Black and Aurora – HUAWEI partnered with leading international colour psychologist, Karen Haller to explain why colours in nature have such a big effect on us and how it affects trends in fashion.

Tell us more about how colours appear in nature and how people respond to this

Colour is an incredible phenomenon that has fascinated us since the dawn of time. There was a time when our lives were intrinsically linked to nature and the seasons, where we took our signalling cues from the colours around us. We were able to communicate directly with nature. We spoke the language of colour.

As we began to develop speech, our conscious connection to colour lessened, now 80% of the colour choices we make are subconscious.

Instinctively we still feel a connection to colour when we are out in nature and connecting with the colours that each season brings.

It has its own colours and energy which impacts how we feel and respond to it and is reflected in the everyday choices that we make, whether that’s in what we wear, how we match our accessories, what phone colour we choose to buy or even the backdrop for our screensavers.

Each season has its own distinct colours, whether that’s sky blue and primrose yellow in spring; the subtle hues of lavender and dusty pink on warm summer’s afternoon; the autumnal hues such as rust red, burnt orange, mustard yellow and forest green giving us one final blaze of colourful glory before the natural world retreats and we are left with the stark, striking and often imposing drama of winter.

Elements of each season are often seen subtly reflected in fashion trends throughout the year too. One day we may be marvelling at the magical hues of sunrise and sunset, the next we’re seeing terracotta shades of rusty reds and sunburnt orange across the SS19 catwalk, which is ideal if you want to match your outfit to your Amber Sunrise phone.

Huawei P30 Series with four colourways

How do we react to colour?

Colour is not just something we see, but something we feel, something we experience and respond to every waking moment of our lives.  We make thousands of decisions each day based on colour without even realising. Simply through the use of colour we can change how we feel, think and act in an instant. In the same way we can react to a colour in any given moment, HUAWEI’s latest P30 Series phone colours come in vibrant gradients to reflect our ever-changing moods throughout the day.

On the occasion where we see a rich amber orange sunrise, it brings feeling of warmth and contentment for the day ahead. Sitting back under blue skies we find it soothing for the mind, allowing it to wander, to be open to new thought and ideas. We are in awe with the magnificence of Aurora which illuminates the northern skies, especially when seeing the rare dark blue, taking our mind to deep thought and contemplation.

And the blackest of night, where we gaze into the unknown, the mysteries that lie beyond, what secrets does it hold.

It is these emotions that Huawei is intending to invoke with its four new colourways which are inspired by these occasions – Amber Sunrise, Black, Aurora and Breathing Crystal.

Huawei P30 Series with four colourways

How do colours in nature inspire fashion?

It is easy to see why designers often turn to nature for design and style inspiration and seeing which prints and colours work and blend together.
That being said, we’ve also seen the return of clashing prints, inspired by florals, animals as well as designs like stripes for spring and summer whilst rose prints takes us into autumn.

For winter, sequins feature heavily across all clothing, glittering and shimmering just like the reflective starry night sky.

Just like nature’s stunning colour palettes aren’t just confined to seasons, our own personal tastes change too, which reflects in our response to style and colour choices.

One day you may be in the mood for tie-dye, the next you might go for the bleached treatment look of acid denim wash, both of which featured heavily on the SS19 catwalks, and can be perfectly paired with Aurora and Breathing Crystal.

Interestingly we’ve seen colour trends flipped for SS19 and AW19. Summer this year is set to scorch with bold terracotta shades traditionally seen in autumn whilst autumn itself is looking like its loudest yet with bright bold block trends.

And despite Living Coral being Pantone Colour of the Year 2019, we’re actually seeing burnt orange as the current colour staple throughout the majority of the fashion seasons.

For those who are not brave wearing bold colours, the often-denounced beige is currently having its moment for spring and summer whilst AW19 saw the return of black tights, black leather trousers and grunge-inspired designs on the runway.

Looking at trends from a psychology perspective, the major behavioural trends of personalisation and wellbeing are still showing up this year. This is made easy for us with the vast array of colours available meaning we are able to pick the colours that speak to us and reflect our personality. Now more than ever it’s a case of anything goes, where you can fully express yourself and show your true colours.

Source: TUKO – Kenya latest news

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