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Netflix Apple iTunes billing plan is now coming to its last days


The Netflix Apple iTunes billing plan is no longer available for use in some regions. This means that iTunes is no longer a payment option for subscribing to Netflix’s services on an Apple device. Those who made use of iTunes as a payment option when it was still offered will need to add their debit or credit card to keep accessing Netflix’s services.

Netflix is just bringing this change to their user’s doorsteps for some regions before progressing to other regions. Along with this change, those who were using iTunes as a payment option will also see a subscription price increase. Some users are already complaining about this change and how the price increment per monthly subscription affects them.

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For some reason, Netflix failed to inform some users that they no longer accept iTunes as a payment option. Some users are just getting aware of this change and claim that Apple still charges them for their monthly subscription. Well, if you’re also facing a similar issue then Apple is going to refund you, but you’ll need to add a bank credit or debit card to your Netflix account.

Your Apple payment option will no longer work with Netflix, as the streaming service provider is breaking from any ties with Apple payments. Over the past few months, reports have it that Netflix is working to avoid Apple’s ridiculous charges on their services. For this reason, subscriptions for Netflix on Apple devices have been via the web and not the app.

This move saves the streaming service from paying a 30% cut to Apple for every in-app payment. Now, the Netflix Apple iTunes billing plan is also coming to its final days. In the coming days, this change will find its way to users globally as it is currently only affecting users in certain regions.

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