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Python is going to solve one of its most annoying problems


Python is one of the most popular programming languages, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, especially after the company itself called the start of the year “damned”. One of the main disadvantages of Python is that it can be quite slow, especially compared to newer languages. Most people have to deal with such a delay because of its flexibility and ease of development. However, all this may change, according to Core Python (CPython) developer Mark Shannon.

Speaking at the PyCon 2022 conference and giving a detailed talk in a later blog post, Shannon gave us more information about Python 3.11, the next version that is currently in beta testing, in which the language should be significantly accelerated.

In fact, there are some pretty big names trying to make it work. Microsoft has baked Python Software Foundation to speed things up at least two times, by helping to move Python towards C as the dominant language. According to ZDNet, Python is not really designed for fast work, and the use cases, most of which focus on machine learning, confirm this.


“Python is widely acknowledged as slow. Whilst Python will never attain the performance of low-level languages like C, Fortran, or even Java, we would like it to be competitive with fast implementations of scripting languages, like V8 for Javascript or luajit for lua,” wrote Shannon last year.

It is clear that there is a lot of competition between programming languages, and each has its pros and cons, so the developer has to make the final decision on which one to use. A Redmonk poll conducted in August 2021 found that JavaScript was the most popular language, followed by Java and Python.

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