Root NationNewsUkrainian websites asked Google to increase media monetization

Ukrainian websites asked Google to increase media monetization


According to the 5th channel, several Ukrainian websites addressed Google to consider increasing the rate of media ads share and support Ukrainian media and journalists in other ways.

Here’s the full text of the address:

Dear Google Team,

On behalf of the Ukrainian independent journalists’ community, we would like to express our gratitude for your cooperation and for implementing your mission in Ukraine aimed at organizing accessible and useful information. We do support your activities and believe in a world where each person has access to information, truth, and different points of view.

Because of the full-scale escalation of the Russian War against Ukraine, a threat to democracy, and the whole open world, the role of independent media is incredibly crucial. We are sure that while our army is fighting with Russian military forces, journalists have to continue their work and provide unbiased and truthful information on the current situation in Ukraine for every person in the world. It is impossible to defend democracy and human rights without information.

We highly appreciate that you bar Russia’s state-owned media outlet RT and other channels from receiving money for ads on their websites, blocking advertisement via Google Tools, the Google search system, and applying different measures to block Russian disinformation and stop funding of Russian aggression. We want the whole world to know the Russians attack civilians, kindergartens, hospitals, kidnap peaceful citizens. They violate even the laws of war. The world has to see the truth, and our mission is to demonstrate it.

It is important to support Ukrainian independent media in their work at this challenging time. Our journalists write news under fire, in the bomb shelters, and risk their lives to provide the world with information. Advertising revenues are impossible, and it is usually the primary source of income for independent media. The advertisement index of Ukrainian media is extremely low now as Ukrainians have limited resources for buying goods.
We kindly ask you to consider increasing the rate of the media advertising share and support the Ukrainian media and journalists in other ways. If Ukrainian journalists lose the opportunity to buy essentials, providing Ukrainians and the rest of the world with information on the Russian War in Ukraine might be at stake.

We would be grateful for your support.

We are looking forward to your response! We sincerely believe that your help will allow us to defend a democratic, prosperous Ukraine, where each person has a right to receive information.

If you also want to help Ukraine fight with Russian occupants, the best way to do so is by donating to the Armed Forces of Ukraine via

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