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Thoughts from the bomb shelter: Why is Putin losing out to technology and the 21st century world


The world has changed, but Russia and Putin have remained in the USSR. Which is why they are losing out to the world of technology in the 21st century. We will definitely win.

I am writing this article while in Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, where civilians are dying en masse in a terrible war, but the city is holding on, fighting, living, and giving birth.

I am not a military man, so I will not tell you here about the strategy and tactics. But I see how we fight, how we hate the enemy, how once “Russian” Kharkiv has now become a truly Ukrainian city, where we are ready to fight to the end for our future. But one thing is for sure – Putin will lose this war. Not only because of the heroic defense of their country by Ukrainians, and the courage and bravery of its soldiers, but also because of the technology and the world of the XXI century.

I have never seen such a united world

From America to all of Europe and Asia, there have been reports of further sanctions, obstacles and blockades for all of Russia. The Russians have become exiles, they are not respected, and the Kremlin-linked oligarchs feel the full power of a united world. In just 5 days, Russia was virtually cut off from the world capital market, from international sports and the world of culture.

Why is Putin losing out to technology

The assets of oligarchs linked to the Russian regime are being confiscated, a boycott of Russian products and services is being promoted, and Russian trolls are being exposed on the Internet. Some of these declarations are, of course, forced, but they create enormous social, image and even financial pressure. However, it does not matter. What matters is the effect, the absolute isolation of Russia, which will suffocate it.

Україна в ЄС

The world will never be the same. Everyone understands how they have been raising a monster ready to kill, to destroy the whole country, the whole nation. And he may not stop in Ukraine, he wants to go down in history, he wants everyone to be afraid of him.

Putin did not foresee this

Because he does not understand the world of the XXI century, the world is based on technology, universal access to information. He even shows everyone that he does not use, smartphones, but in vain. His subordinates, generals and officials lied about the continuous modernization of the army, about its technological equipment. They stole money, left everything as it was. Even the advanced units were not equipped with modern weapons. They did not have modern maps or geolocation. They hoped for the best, as the Russians often do. That was a mistake.

Why is Putin losing out to technology

Because every owner of a smartphone connected to the Internet has a weapon in it – a real weapon to fight the occupier. It is we who are driving Russia out of the world community with our smartphones and dooming it to an economic collapse.

It is thanks to smartphones in this difficult time that we support each other, call family and friends, ask for help, see the news. The usual “How are you there?” it became like “I love you” for us. We organize ourselves, help our military, identify the enemy. You should have seen how heroically Kharkivites in chats discussed where the enemy was, what he was doing, where he was going to go. This is what helped us survive and drive the enemy out of the city.

Why is Putin losing out to technology

Putin has failed to knock this powerful weapon out of the hands of the outside world and is therefore doomed to failure. And this failure will be not only military, but, of course, image and financial. The Russian people and Putin himself and his entourage will suffer severely because global isolation means rapid moral and financial decline. Putin will not win, despite powerful missiles and hundreds of thousands of soldiers. They don’t even have modern maps, they stayed somewhere in the USSR. And the world is different, the world is united against the ape with a nuclear button.

The process of globalization cannot be stopped

In recent years, people around the world have had many concerns about whether we are sacrificing too much of our privacy for the sake of the global information network. We constantly rebuked the big technology companies for watching us, flooding us with unnecessary advertising, poking their noses everywhere. However, today this global technology is doing its job. It is now that the Internet has become the greatest democratic tool in human history. Right now, the unity of all mankind is undergoing a powerful test.

Why is Putin losing out to technology

Moreover, it is already clear that the world that will emerge after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine could also be a turning point in the history of the Internet, especially its social sphere. The media are changing, transforming. They provide joint pressure on the largest social media platforms, which have finally taken the moderation of content in accounts seriously. Internet users are exposing paid trolls everywhere while undergoing an accelerated course to check online sources. Ordinary people take part in DDOS attacks on Russian sites. And the newly created Ukrainian IT-Army strikes a devastating blow on Runet every second. The Russians did not expect this. The enormous pressure from consumers on companies and individuals cooperating with the Russian regime has led to swift decisions to end this cooperation. Large companies and corporations are leaving the Russian market. Everyone understood that you can’t make all the money, and the security of the world is more important. We are really on the verge of driving changes in the processes and vectors of globalization. It can no longer be stopped. The world wants to be together, the world wants unity in the fight against threats of destruction.

Why is Putin losing out to technology

Smartphones and other gadgets have become real weapons that have forced politicians to change their minds and take decisive action in the fight against a common enemy.

Ukrainians, unlike Russians and Belarusians, have realized that together they are a force, and only together can they win. This nation cannot be defeated.

If you also want to help Ukraine fight with Russian occupants, the best way to do so is by donating to the Armed Forces of Ukraine via

Yuri Svitlyk
Yuri Svitlyk
Son of the Carpathian Mountains, unrecognized genius of mathematics, Microsoft "lawyer", practical altruist, levopravosek

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