Root NationNewsVidlok reveals Business Webcam W91, a business webcam with built-in speaker

Vidlok reveals Business Webcam W91, a business webcam with built-in speaker


Business needs have changed over the past few years, and due to the pandemic, most business processes are moving from offices to home format. While apps like Microsoft Teams help enterprise workers communicate and share ideas, basic webcams don’t always meet the requirements of corporate meetings where quality equipment is needed. It was for such cases that the Vidlok Business Webcam W91 was developed with built-in microphone and ultra-wide video support.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91

A distinctive feature of this webcam is the sound. W91 ensures that the speaker’s voice will be heard as best as possible. First of all, because it has 2 built-in microphones that can record stereo sound. Secondly, since these microphones have noise reduction function, they will filter foreign sounds in the conversation. Most interestingly, the camera contains its own speaker, which you can use for video calls. In addition to meetings, in everyday life you can also use a speaker to listen to your favorite music without relying on computer speakers.

As a traditional video camera for PC and laptop, it has an excellent camera that can record video with Full HD 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second and a 4.5 mm lens with an aperture of f/2.0 and support for autofocus. It’s compact, too: 56×90×48 mm, 135 grams.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91

The unique flexible design of the Vidlok Business Webcam W91 with 360° rotation allows you complete freedom to rotate and customize the camera according to your requirements. The Vidlok Business Webcam W91 comes with a built-in speaker and microphone system that can significantly reduce background noise, and is equipped with a 90° wide-angle lens, a 360° rotary stand and 120° vertical adjustment.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91

Online conferencing requires a camera that can provide crystal clear video recording with wide-angle format support. Using a webcam is very easy – you just need to attach it to the laptop lid and connect a USB cable, and the webcam software drivers will be installed automatically.

Vidlok Business Webcam W91

Of course, after reading about everything this webcam offers, you will probably want to use it. Its price hasn’t been disclosed yet, but Vidlok says it will be very low for the set of features it offers. Track this product on the official website of the company, where you will find all information about this and other models. You can also follow news on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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