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Root NationNewsWargaming launches its largest charity project to support Ukraine

Wargaming launches its largest charity project to support Ukraine


Wargaming is launching its largest charity initiative, WargamingUnited, and adding unique themed sets to six of its games. According to the company’s press service, the proceeds from the sale of in-game content will be used to purchase resuscitation vehicles for Ukrainian medics.

“At Wargaming, we love war games, but we hate real war. This is a particularly sensitive topic for us – our studio in Kyiv continues to work hard on World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and other games during the horrors that Ukraine is experiencing every day,” the company said.

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In a year and a half, Wargaming donated $1 million for medical aid and equipment during the first week of the full-scale war, $100 thousand to the victims of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station destruction, and supported several other charitable efforts. The company’s employees raised €200,000 to purchase ambulances for Ukrainian medics.

Now the company has launched its largest charity project, WargamingUnited. “We are calling on the communities of our six games – World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Tanks Modern Armour, World of Warships, World of Warships: Legends, and World of Warplanes – to unite around this global initiative,” the company said.

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Each game will feature special Ukrainian themed sets with customisation elements created by artists from Wargaming’s Kyiv studio. 100% of each set sold within WargamingUnited will be donated through UNITED24 to purchase C-type ambulances equipped with defibrillators, cardiac monitors, oxygen cylinders and artificial lung ventilation devices. You can learn more about WargamingUnited here. The company says that “large” and “small” sets will be available from 18 October to 1 November.

World of Tanks PC will include the 50TP Kurinny and the Resistance Path kits. The first one contains a 50TP Kurinny tank in a unique blue and yellow camouflage designed by Wargaming Kyiv artists, with a 100% trained crew and a hangar slot, as well as a 2D Kurinny style that fits any vehicle in the colours of the Ukrainian flag and 3 decals as symbols of courage and strength of Ukrainian society. The second one features the Unbreakable camouflage in the colours of the Ukrainian flag and three emblems.

WargamingUnited WoT

World of Tanks Blitz will feature the Unbreakable and Unbreakable kits. The former includes a blue and yellow camouflage, a unique avatar and profile background inspired by Ukrainian landscapes, as well as a level VIII American Astron Rex medium tank, 30 days of premium account, gold, and much more. The second one includes blue and yellow camouflage, a unique avatar, profile background, 3 days of premium account, gold, and seasonal currency.

WargamingUnited WoT Blitz

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World of Tanks Modern Armour has the WargamingUnited – Unbreakable Set, which includes a 50TP Hero tank, a Trident emblem, a Ukrainian flag emblem, a tank inscription, shells, and a hangar slot. The second, the “WargamingUnited – Cosmetic Set”, includes 4 “Unbreakable” camouflages, one of each emblem and 2 tank inscriptions.

WargamingUnited WoT MA

You can buy the following sets in World of Warships:

  • “Spirit of Unity”, which contains the “Spirit of Unity” flag, 20 units of Ukrainian camouflage “Unbreakable”, “Ukraine” chevron, 7 days of premium account, 2.4 million credits, 50 India Delta, 24 Ecobonus Grade 2 Credits +40%, 24 Ecobonus Grade 2 Experience +200%, 24 Ecobonus Grade 2 Crew Experience +200%, 24 Ecobonus Grade 2 Free Experience +600%
  • The Unbreakable set, which contains 20 units of Ukrainian Unbreakable camouflage.

WargamingUnited WoWS

There are such sets in World of Warships: Legends:

  • “Unbreakable: 36 units of Ukrainian camouflage “Unbreakable”, “Spirit of Unity” flag, 2 inscriptions, 7 days of premium account, 20 Rare Ship XP Booster, 20 Rare Credit Booster, 20 Rare Commander XP Booster, 20 Rare Global XP Booster, 20 Rare Battle Booster
  • “Rye and Sky: 24 units of Ukrainian camouflage “Unbreakable” and the “Spirit of Unity” flag.

WargamingUnited WoWS L

And users of World of Warplanes are offered the Unite to Support kit in three variations:

  • Small – contains a new unique Trident emblem that fits any aircraft in the game
  • Medium – contains the distinctive blue and yellow camouflage, Trident emblem and nose design for the Antonov Masha Level IX fighter aircraft
  • Large – contains the Antonov Masha Level IX fighter and its nose artwork, an exclusive Trident emblem that fits all aircraft, and a distinctive blue and yellow camouflage with a 50% discount.

WargamingUnited WoWP

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