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Cougar NxSys Aero Chair Review: Fan is Inside!


We’ve seen gaming software together. We’ve seen gaming chairs with fantastic RGB lighting. And premium gaming chairs from many manufacturers. However, we haven’t seen chairs with active cooling like the Cougar NxSys Aero. The main question I’ll pose, and I’ll answer it right away, as it sounds like this: How useful can active cooling be… in a chair?

Cougar NXsys Aero

The answer is as follows. It all depends on how much you heat up during gaming or work. It also depends on the season, the presence or absence of air conditioning or a fan, and the ability to use them directly during gaming. Because there are people, including streamers, who have chronic conditions aggravated by air conditioning.

Video review of Cougar NxSys Aero

Market positioning

And in this case, the Cougar NxSys Aero can indeed be helpful. Priced at $420, it falls into the category of chairs where spending money wisely is essential. I remind you that the cheapest Cougar chair, which I personally and happily recommended, costs $200.

How does cooling work?

So, let’s start right away with the most important feature. The NxSys Aero’s backrest houses a 200-mm fan from an unknown brand to me. Yes, undoubtedly, Cougar manufactures fans for PCs, but this is the first time I’ve heard about their 200-mm models. However, I don’t think it’s a big deal for the company.

Cougar NXsys Aero

The fan is powered via USB from a power bank or the mains; however, a power bank or mains adapter is not included in the package. The fan operates at either 400 or 800 revolutions per minute, ±150. This results in a noise level ranging from 13 to 25 dBa and consumes slightly less than half to just over one watt.

Cougar NXsys Aero

The fan also has an active backlight, the color of which can be changed – or even turned off altogether.

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Additional elements

As we can see, the design of the backrest and the fabric base in the front ensures air circulation. Not necessarily fresh air, but as we know, even the movement of air around us provides a sense of freshness on a hot day, and sometimes even saves us from a heatstroke.

Cougar NXsys Aero

During gaming, especially in so-called “sweaty sessions,” we heat up. Our hands sweat, our body sweats, and we need cooling. Some need it more, some less. And in case someone wonders why fans aren’t built into, for example, mice, I’ll answer – they are built in, and it’s been a while. It’s just that they haven’t reached our market yet.

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Even at a speed of 400 revolutions per minute, the fan provides sufficient airflow. Personally, even in winter, I feel a certain freshness, especially around the neck. People cool their foreheads and necks during special occasions not without reason; they are highly responsive to temperature sensations. So yes, during intense gaming sessions, the benefit of the Cougar NxSys Aero is significant.

Cougar NXsys Aero

The chair is also NOT noisy during operation. It has a place to hide a power bank, and it has switches for speed and lighting modes. You CAN purchase a separate power supply block with USB Type-A, but I don’t see the point. 20000 mAh power banks cost around $25, providing almost a day of chair use in the fastest operating mode, and you can also charge your smartphone if needed.

Cougar NXsys Aero

I’ll also note that the space for the power bank looks very small, and even my smallest one didn’t fit… until I inserted the USB plug into the hole at the top left. I don’t know if this is technically correct, but otherwise, I don’t see a universal way to accommodate power banks.


The chair itself looks premium and… unique. The design was created with the idea that there would be a fan inside.

Cougar NXsys Aero

Among the materials, I note eco-leather, carbon fiber, and, of course, regular textile. It would be very unwise not to make the Cougar NxSys Aero as breathable as possible, considering its feature.

Cougar NXsys Aero

Ergonomically, it is unexpectedly comfortable. The chair’s shape is excellent, well-proportioned, and it comes with a MAGNETIC headrest. The seat has a uniquely wide and curved form. The lower cushion is also present, but I couldn’t find how to attach it. The seat itself is made of breathable eco-leather.

Cougar NXsys Aero

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One version of the chair also features orange accents along the top contour, which, as you know, I simply adore. However, unfortunately, the orange accents mean that there will be gray velvet fabric on the sides, not solid carbon fiber. Combining orange and carbon doesn’t work out, although it would be cool.

Cougar NXsys Aero

Technical specifications

Moving on. The gas lift here is in the 4th category, allowing for an upward lift of 12 cm. The chair can support up to 160 kg, and it can recline up to 150 degrees. Not the usual 180 degrees, but consider that there is a fan inside, which isn’t protected from your weight.

Cougar NXsys Aero

Also, consider that the chair is slightly tilted back by default, about 10 degrees compared to others. Well, the armrests are comfortable and soft, moving along three axes.


A bit about the assembly process. It’s standard for the most part because all the chair’s features are inside the backrest, which doesn’t need to be unscrewed. Most of the bits have a hexagonal head, but you’ll also need a cross-head Philips screwdriver. However, it comes in the kit, on the other end of the hexagonal tool.

Cougar NxSys Aero

I’ll positively note the packaging—it’s more professional than I thought. The instruction manual is clear and understandable. And the pre-installed screws are just fantastic. I really appreciate this solution! The biggest drawback of the chair, however, is the fact that Cougar, for reasons unclear to me, changed the size of the hexagonal head for the screws.

Cougar NxSys Aero

It changed literally by a millimeter, but T30 doesn’t fit anymore. And the bit’s base itself doesn’t fit either. So, you won’t be able to use a screwdriver for assembling the chair. The fact that the screws are pre-threaded becomes a drawback because they are very tight to unscrew, and the tool cuts into the hands quite strongly.

Cougar NxSys Aero

Perhaps, that’s why Cougar included gloves in the kit… Strange decision.

Cougar NxSys Aero


This model not only looks interesting, unconventional, and unique in design but is also practical. If your body struggles with thermoregulation issues, this chair can be what neither an air conditioner nor a fan in your face can be. However, the cost of this model is accordingly high, and the changes in the assembly process made it worse, not better. Nevertheless, I still recommend the Cougar NxSys Aero.

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The Cougar NxSys Aero isn't just visually intriguing, unconventional, and uniquely designed; it's also practical. If you struggle with thermoregulation issues, this chair can be what neither an air conditioner nor a fan in your face can be.
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The Cougar NxSys Aero isn't just visually intriguing, unconventional, and uniquely designed; it's also practical. If you struggle with thermoregulation issues, this chair can be what neither an air conditioner nor a fan in your face can be.Cougar NxSys Aero Chair Review: Fan is Inside!
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