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Takstar WPM-400 professional TWS headset review: Love and hate


Spoiler – if I were to rate based on the contrast between the advantages and disadvantages, then Takstar WPM-400 would receive the highest possible score. Because I can’t describe how much this headset annoys and fascinates me at the same time. Because it annoys fiercely. And fascinates to dizziness.

Takstar WPM-400Video review of Takstar WPM-400

I’ll start with why I even paid attention to it. Not so long ago, I had a review of the whole series of wired full-size Takstar headphones, where I noted that they are suitable for video editing in everything… except the format. Because in the summer, electricity is fiercely expensive, money is scarce, and my ears boil in seconds. And then there are also massive leatherette ear cushions.

Takstar WPM-400

And what was supposed to save me was precisely the Takstar WPM-400. Because it is:

  1. A professional TWS headset
  2. Suitable for video editing as well
  3. Comes with a case that can function as a wireless adapter for zero-latency operation
  4. Its cost is approximately $55.

Takstar WPM-400

Package contents

Don’t expect a standard review because I want you to at least slightly experience what I went through during use. So, the headset’s package is excellent. In addition to the standard Type-C cable and instructions, there is a quite unique adapter from Type-C to 3.5 mm.

Takstar WPM-400

Which is used to connect the charging case to a PC or smartphone in the so-called monitoring mode. In this mode, the headset operates in the 2.4 GHz range for up to 6 hours at 80% volume. If you disconnect the case from the cable, the Takstar WPM-400 can be used via Bluetooth connection for up to 7 hours at the same volume.

Takstar WPM-400

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The advantage of this approach is that the wireless headset will absolutely guarantee zero latency for video editing. Not that there are no wireless headsets that don’t suffer from this issue – for example, the three-year-old Huawei FreeLace Pro – but they are rare. And even fewer are available to me.

Takstar WPM-400

The headphones themselves are glossy and quite cool, controlled by fairly large touch-sensitive areas. And when working via Bluetooth, they allow easy music control without any issues.

Takstar WPM-400

Sound quality

Now, in monitoring mode, the Takstar WPM-400 has the widest, most detailed, and enveloping soundstage I’ve ever heard. When I play Fallout 4 with them, depending on the background music, I can either be captivated or stand with my jaw dropped because it feels like a personal orchestra is playing for me and in front of me.

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Words cannot describe how incredible the feeling is, which I never expected to experience at all. And obviously, taking on sound with such headphones is even too easy. And there are no problems with the shortcomings of simulated 7.1. Gaps in the channels are zero, everything is seamless.

Takstar WPM-400

Unexpected advantage

And the monitoring mode, since it works via 3.5 mm, theoretically means that having a splitter, you can connect as many of these headsets to one signal source as you want. And let’s say, watch movies with an absolutely incredible three-dimensional scene, adjusting the audio in 5 seconds.

Takstar WPM-400

I haven’t encountered any wireless headphones in person that are capable of this because Bluetooth is unable to adequately handle a multi-receiver signal. As far as I know, only certain Samsung flagships can transmit sound simultaneously to two wireless headsets. And even then, I haven’t tested it extensively. Well, PCs and laptops are obviously out of luck.


Now. You might think these headphones are top-notch, but why do I hate them so much? Buckle up, because this will be fun. Overall, the Takstar WPM-400 looks like a set of unrealistically cool ideas executed, at best, clumsily. For example, the main trouble with the idea of dual operating mode is the incredible amount of unnecessary hassle it brings.

Takstar WPM-400

You can’t just unplug the case from the cable and switch the headset’s operating mode. You have to – unplug the cable, put the headphones in the case, close the case, press the button on the case twice, wait for the indicator to light up, take out the headphones, wait for them to connect to the smartphone, and…

Takstar WPM-400

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And after 15 minutes, realize that the headphones died. Because when you’re working in monitoring mode, you have no way to check the battery level of the Takstar WPM-400. Neither in the headphones nor in the case.

Takstar WPM-400

This means that if you’re even a bit like me, if you have ADHD and get distracted often – be prepared for the fact that your headphones will be CONSTANTLY discharged. And no, they do NOT charge via Type-C when working via 3.5 mm. It may seem like the case SUPPORTS wireless charging, but the case does not act as a receiver until it’s charged.

Add to the need to constantly unplug and plug in the case the fact that the ergonomics of the Takstar WPM-400 case are just devilishly designed. It’s as if it’s turned 90 degrees, with the Type-C cable plugging in from the SIDE rather than the front, and the groove for opening the lid feels like a plastic seam and is absolutely indistinguishable to the touch.

Takstar WPM-400

So, you’ll have trouble constantly maneuvering the case back and forth, from charging to the 3.5mm cable, it’ll be challenging to keep the case constantly charged, and even simply opening it will be problematic. The interesting thing is, I’m still not sure if the case charges while charging the headphones. Well, if you connect it to power. But I know that while working as a receiver, it discharges almost faster than the headphones themselves.

Takstar WPM-400

And for a while, the coup de grâce, so to speak, was the sound quality. The three-dimensional soundstage is divine, 10 out of 9, but the mid frequencies are surprisingly muddy. I couldn’t find the frequency response curve in open access, but it feels like there’s a drop of at least 3-4 dB in the mid frequencies. And the high frequencies are piercing. Which, obviously, is very sad for a professional mixing headset.

Takstar WPM-400

But eventually, there was something much worse. I don’t know if it’s a defect or if all headsets will have this issue – but the headphones started refusing to charge in the case. Erratically. I keep both the contacts on the headphone body and the pins on the bottom in perfectly clean condition – and still, there are periodic connection issues. Which, for a model with a 6-hour autonomy, is particularly sad.


If the company releases the Takstar WPM-400 v2 with a hypothetical autonomy of 10 hours, significantly simplified mode switching, the ability to charge while operating as a receiver, and corrected mid frequencies, then it will be simply… a rainbow explosion right in your ears.

Takstar WPM-400

Because right now, the Takstar WPM-400 is almost the only option for people with sensitive ears and the best option in terms of the price-to-quality ratio for the three-dimensional soundstage. I hate this headset because it’s so cool where I need it to be and so annoying where it annoys me the most. Actually, as I said – it’s breaking all the records right here.

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The Takstar WPM-400 is almost the only option for people with sensitive ears and the best option in terms of the price-to-quality ratio for the three-dimensional soundstage. I hate this headset because it's so cool where I need it to be and so annoying where it annoys me the most.
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The Takstar WPM-400 is almost the only option for people with sensitive ears and the best option in terms of the price-to-quality ratio for the three-dimensional soundstage. I hate this headset because it's so cool where I need it to be and so annoying where it annoys me the most.Takstar WPM-400 professional TWS headset review: Love and hate
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