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TOP-5 Animation Apps for Android


Are you tired of dull and lifeless images? Perhaps it is time to bring some energy to your art with an animation app. No matter what you want to create, there are digital tools out there that are accessible and allow you to create an animation that you love. Whether this is bringing your favorite pet to life or if you are working on an important project, there are plenty of apps on Android to help you.

Are you not sure where to start when it comes to animation apps for Android? We have taken the time to research the best ones so that you do not have to. So, let’s take a look at the best apps for you to download and try for yourself.

Animation Desk

Let’s start with an app called Animation Desk. This is a very popular app since it is easy to use and can create amazing animations. In particular, a lot of people like the interface and how simple it is. All of the menus are easy to read and nothing is cluttered. So, if you are new to animation apps, this is an ideal one to begin with.

For example, you can use a collection of brushes to create your animation. This includes a lot of colors too. You have a lot of control and choose the number of frames you want. Then, when you are done, you can export your new animation in a variety of ways. This can be as a video file or even PDF.

Stick Nodes

Another app you can try using is Stick Nodes. This is a good one if you wish to make joints and parts of an animation move. This app makes it easy to do and you can create figures to tell a story. One thing that you cannot fault this app for is the features you gain access to.

Stick Nodes for Android

In particular, the pro version of the app is going to offer you even more. It is also going to take away the annoying apps that become disturbing if you have a lot of animations to create. But, remember that stock footage can also work well for projects and you can combine them with animation. This way, you can combine different visuals for more of an impact.

Draw Cartoons 2

Creating animations from scratch can be time-consuming and difficult. You need to free up a lot of your schedule, as well as have the creativity and patience to bring your work to life. For some people, this is not possible. So, this is where Draw Cartoon 2 is going to be beneficial. This is an animation app that allows you to cut corners. In particular, you can take advantage of the library and choose from characters. Then, you can use the features to create an animation.

Draw Cartoons 2 for Android

If you decide you want to take on the task of creating an animation from scratch, you can do this with Draw Cartoons 2. You can still make them move in a similar way to ready-made characters but you are able to make them unique and just what you are looking for.

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Draw Cartoons 2
Draw Cartoons 2
Developer: Zaliv Armenia
Price: Free

PicsArt Animator

If you still haven’t found the app that you are looking for, make sure that you check out PicsArt Animator. This is another fantastic app that you can use to bring your characters to life. In particular, it is free to use, which means that you can give it a go. A lot of people like to use this app for creating cartoons. You can save them as a GIF and easily share on social media and the general internet.

A good feature that we discovered is that you can add text and sound effects to the animations. So, this can create a more enjoyable experience. Do not worry if you do not know where to start. This app has tutorials that you can follow, which makes it simple to create an animation that you love.

Picsart Animator: GIF & Video
Picsart Animator: GIF & Video

Stop Motion Studio

Last but not least, we want to introduce to you Stop Motion Studio. This is going to be the best app to use if you are looking to move past characters and into short movies. You can do almost anything on this app and there is a range of professional effects that you are going to enjoy experimenting with.

For instance, you can use 3D effects, as well as water blurring and bumping. Even if you are new to animation, we find this app simple to use. You can use touch screen gestures, which is ideal on Android. But, do note that there are no pre-made designs on this app. This means that all of the animations you create you have to make from scratch by yourself.

Stop Motion Studio
Stop Motion Studio
Developer: Cateater
Price: Free
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