AudioHeadphonesNaenka Lite vs Lite Pro Review: Budget TWS Buds in Classy Packaging

Naenka Lite vs Lite Pro Review: Budget TWS Buds in Classy Packaging


After the Naenka Runner Pro headset with a bone sensor two more models of this brand came for a review. Both Lite and Lite Pro are affordable earbuds and each has its own unique feature. But they are similar in many other respects, so we will consider both models of TWS headphones in one review.

Technical specifications

Naenka Lite

  • Frequency range: 20-20 000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 97 dB
  • Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm QCC3020 chip
  • Battery capacity: 350 mAh
  • Battery life: up to 5 hours
  • Controls: Touch
  • Water protection: IPX5

Naenka Lite Pro

  • Frequency range: 20-20 000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 97 dB
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Codecs: Aptx/AAC
  • Battery capacity: 350 mAh
  • Battery life: up to 7 hours
  • Controls: Touch
  • Water protection: IPX5

What’s in the box

Naenka Lite and Lite Pro come in large stylish boxes. The design of the boxes hints at the premium segment; in a box like that you might expect to find perfumes or expensive cosmetics.

Everything inside is done neatly and effectively. As you can see, the creators got confused about the packaging, which definitely attracts attention. With such a presentation, audio gadgets are perfect as a gift for a loved one, colleague or even a boss.

Do not be confused by the epicness of the boxes, because the earphones belong to the affordable and mid-budget segment, and with the current discount they will cost $40 and $60 for Lite and Lite Pro, respectively.

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In addition to the buds themselves, in the box you will find a short charging cable without a power supply and a small manual. Nothing else, bo case, no nothing.


Naenka Lite’s design is reminiscent of Airpods – a compact, rectangular case with a pair of in-ear headphones made of glossy plastic. There are four indicators on the front of the case. They show the status of the headphones and indicate the remaining charge level.

Naenka Lite

Below is a USB Type-C port. It has a silver framing, which makes the black color much more interesting. And in the white version, it looks downright classy.

Naenka Lite

Naenka Lite Pro has the same material, but the shape is round. There’s only one LED on the front panel. It also shows the charge level (flashing blue or red) and the status of the headset.

Naenka Lite Pro

The bezels for the USB Type-C port are also silver. The same edging was placed around the base of the lid, which makes this model look more expensive.

Naenka Lite Pro

The lid of both models has magnets, so you need to hold it with your finger so that it does not close when you take out the earphones. At the bottom, they are attached to the magnets, so pulling them out is not easy. Especially with large or even middle fingers.

Naenka Lite and Lite Pro looks exactly like AirPods with indicators and touch controls. The AirPod-esque legs have built-in microphones (two for each earphone), the letters L and R, and the above-mentioned magnetic mounts for charging in the case.

Naenka Lite и Lite Pro features

The Naenka Lite TWS buds feature 13mm drivers with a Liquid Crystal Polymer Film (LCP) diaphragm. The same technology is used in some other competing TWS earbuds. For example, in the Realme Buds Air Neo. The brand claims that with this diaphragm, the headphones have detailed lows, mids and highs. In fact, not everything is so rosy, but still good; read the details in the Sound section.

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Naenka Lite received Qualcomm 3020 chip and Bluetooth 5.0 module. The housing is protected according to the IPX5 standard. That is, they are not afraid of rain and sweat, but you should not swim in them and dip them into the water. The declared weight of each earphone is 4g.

The earbuds are equipped with two pairs of microphones with ENC noise canceling technology. This means a more detailed voice, protection from noise and wind during conversations.

Naenka Lite Lite Pro

Each Naenka Lite Pro bud weighs 3.8 grams, while the drivers are 13 mm, but with a three-layer polymer composite diaphragm and a titanium coating. They say this helps to dampen unnecessary vibration and noise, to produce high-quality sound with soft but powerful low frequences.

The more expensive model was equipped with an energy efficient Qualcomm 3040 chip, four microphones with noise cancellation (ENC), fresh Bluetooth 5.2, and support for Aptx/AAC codecs. Moisture protection here is also IPX5.

The Naenka Lite and Lite Pro headphones work independently of each other, so they can be paired for listening to music, talking or any other task. But at the same time, they function separately and can act as a full-fledged headset.

Controls and connection quality

Naenka Lite and Lite Pro connect to devices quickly and easily. The first time you just need to open the case, manually find them in the list of available gadgets and connect. All subsequent times, it is enough to open the cover of the case and the buds are automatically connected to the user’s device.

The declared operating range of Naenka Lite is 15 meters. In my tests I found it to be true, give or take a couple of meters. The signal starts to fail at the stated distance and through a pair of load-bearing walls. No additional interference appeared outside (EM field). Hair, movement, or raised hands do not affect the quality of the connection.

Naenka Lite Pro has an official range of 20 meters, which is also roughly true. Body parts and weak EM fields also did not cause breaks in the connections.

Naenka Lite and Lite Pro are controlled via a touch panel on the outside of the case. Its responsiveness is fast, there is protection against unintentional touches. Both models have the same purpose of taps, but Naenka Lite Pro has a bonus game mode. It allows the signal delay is reduced by 50% to 0.05 seconds.

The control scheme is as follows:

  • Pause/play – double tap on the right earbud
  • Answering a call – double tap on the right earbud
  • Volume down – one touch on left earbud
  • Volume up – one touch on the right earbud
  • Previous track – pressing the left earbud for 1 second
  • Next track – pressing the right earbud for 1 second
  • Calling the voice assistant – three taps on the left earbud
  • Activating Game Mode – touch the right earbud 3 times (Naenka Lite Pro only)


Here I will not compare the sound of Naenka Lite and Lite Pro with all available TWS models, but I will compare them with in-ear headphones. After all, they sound clearer and bassier by default, thanks to the design.

Naenka Lite and Lite Pro have approximately the same sound and I did not notice the difference. I also have no idea what does the game mode do. With it, or without it, there are no delays. Tested on Call of Duty Mobile and Wild Rift.

Both models sound decent with an emphasis on low and middle frequences. The frequencies are tuned approximately the same, and the sound dissipates only at maximum volume.

At the same time, I did not have enough volume, especially in video and during conversations. But this is because of design of the earphones.

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You can easily use them all day long, passing them off as AirPods. They do not interfere with talking, watching or listening to something else from the outside, do not cut off the outside world, do not drown out the noise of the road or public transport.

The microphone for this price is adequate. It clearly conveys the voice, almost does not muffle it and copes well with external noises. Naturally, it’s not amazing, and the voice in any case will sound a little artificial and compressed, but you still can talk on the phone or call colleagues without any issues.

Battery life

Naenka Lite works on a single charge for up to 5 hours. Depending on the volume, the earbuds die a little earlier, and there have been cases when they were survived for longer than the stated time. But it was when I listened at about 30% of the volume. The case is good for another 3-4 recharges. The total charging time for the earbuds and case is two hours.

Naenka Lite Pro promises up to 7 hours of battery life and this is true. You won’t get more, unless you turn the volume down. The cases allows for 3-4 times full charges, and the case can be charged in a couple of hours.

My experience with the Naenka Lite and Lite Pro

The Naenka Lite and Lite Pro are well-built and look stylish from afar, reminiscent of the well-known brand’s earbuds. True, the lid cracks if you twist them in your hands or just lightly press on it.

The plastic is glossy, so prints and scratches are very visible on it, especially on black.

If you have big thumbs or even middle fingers, getting the earbuds out of the case will be an annoying problem. Fingers simply do not fit between the case and the lid, they have nothing to catch on and grab the slippery plastic.

I just shake them out into the palm of my hand. The magnets hold well, but a couple of sharp strokes and the buds fall out.

One of the main advantages of the models is fast connection to gadgets. I’ve been using Redmi AirDots for a long time and after their terrible connection system, Naenka connection is a real pleasure. But if you used newer TWS earbuds, then most likely you will not be surprised at anything. After all, almost all of them now connect quickly.

The main problem with Naenka Lite and Lite Pro is the design of the earbuds. But this may not be the case for others, if they have used similar earphones before. I do not recommend switching to earbuds after in-ear models. The sound in them is quieter, there is less bass and middle frequences, and they fall out of the ears many times more often.

In the latter case, one must also look at the person and his shape of the ears. Some people find even the smallest in-ear headphones inconvenient, while others can’t use large earbuds at all.

In terms of battery life, everything is standard, and the Lite Pro is even slightly better. You can easily take them with you somewhere for 2-3 days.

Naenka Lite Lite Pro


Naenka Lite and Lite Pro are modern, neat and affordable TWS earbuds. They have a controversial glossy case, but it looks classy, which is also facilitated by a high-quality beautiful packaging.

Audio gadgets work well at a distance, with no interruptions. The sound of the models is soft, with emphasis on bass and mids. But owners of in-ear headphones might not be happy with the sound.

For mobile gamers, there is a game mode with minimal signal latency. Apple fans should pay attention to the white versions of the earbuds. Everyone, without exception, will be pleased with the fast connection to devices.

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You can buy Naenka Lite and Lite Pro only on the official website of the company. The models cost $40 and $60.

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Battery life
Naenka Lite and Lite Pro are modern, neat and affordable TWS earbuds. They have a controversial glossy case, but it looks classy, which is also facilitated by a high-quality beautiful packaging.
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