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Root NationNewsNova Poshta Shows Photos of Trucks from Destroyed Kharkiv Terminal, Allegedly Used to Hide IFVs

Nova Poshta Shows Photos of Trucks from Destroyed Kharkiv Terminal, Allegedly Used to Hide IFVs


On 21 October, Nova Poshta reported that Russians had hit a terminal in Kharkiv region, killing and wounding people. The head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Oleh Sinegubov, said: “Kharkiv region. A Russian missile hit the Nova Poshta terminal. An ordinary civilian facility. Unfortunately, there are victims. My condolences to the families and friends!”

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Later, Sinegubov said that as a result of the occupiers’ attack on the terminal, 6 people were killed and 14 people were hospitalised with injuries. Some of the victims are in serious condition. Specialised services were working at the scene and eliminating the consequences.

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The employees of the Kharkiv Innovation Terminal who were there did not have a chance to run for cover, as the siren sounded a second before the explosion. On 22 October, Nova Poshta declared a day of mourning.

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So far, Nova Poshta has shown photos of trucks from the destroyed terminal, in which the IFVs were allegedly hidden. The Kharkiv terminal was sorting and shipping, as usual, cargoes of food, suitcases with belongings, humanitarian aid, bicycles, tyres and wheels. This terminal handled parcels for Kharkiv and the region, i.e. for those people who live under shelling every day. These parcels are from their relatives and friends, orders from online stores and humanitarian aid from charities.

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“Nova Poshta is an integral part of Ukrainian society. We deliver parcels, cargo, things that connect people with peaceful life, care of their families, and vital things. We help many charitable and volunteer organisations.

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We handle a large number of humanitarian goods, including those sent to our military. But we have never had any weapons,” said Klymov, co-owner of Nova Poshta.

Zelenskyy stressed the need to increase pressure on the terrorist state. “We need to respond to Russian terror every day with our results on the frontline. We need to strengthen the unity of the world in confronting terror even more. And we are doing it. Russia will not succeed in achieving anything with terror and murder. There is only one end for all terrorists: responsibility for their actions,” he stressed.

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