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Oclean X Ultra S Review: First smart toothbrush with AI and voice assistant


Today I have on test the Oclean X Ultra S – the latest electric toothbrush from the globally renowned manufacturer of smart gadgets for oral hygiene. Indeed, over the past few years, the Oclean brand has come a long way from being “just another Chinese startup under Xiaomi’s wing” to a confident giant in the personal electronics industry for health care. The company has been recognized with numerous industry awards and has gained favor among customers worldwide. So let’s take a look at the current flagship model of the toothbrush, which supposedly offers many innovative features and interesting characteristics. It’s time to put it to the test!

Oclean X Ultra S

My experience with Oclean

To begin with, a bit of personal history. My first encounter with the Oclean brand was in 2021 with the review of the X Pro model, which I really liked in terms of its overall concept and effective performance. Therefore, just a few months later, I purchased a similar but more advanced model with wireless charging and an improved screen and interface – the X Pro Elite, which I’ve actually been using until now. Why am I telling you all this? To show that I do have quite a bit of experience using previous models of toothbrushes, so I’m confident that I can assess the progress in features, functionality, and tell you about all the improvements embodied in the new product. If they really exist – I’ll definitely find them.

Oclean X Ultra S vs X Pro Elite vs X Pro
Oclean X Ultra S vs X Pro Elite vs X Pro

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How Oclean toothbrushes work

The principle of operation of all Oclean toothbrushes is vibration-based, utilizing the company’s developed Maglev motor, which causes the bristle attachment to vibrate at a very high frequency. Thus, upon contact with the teeth, a sonic effect is created, which, combined with traditional mechanical cleaning, better cleans the tooth surface, has a whitening effect, and massages the gums. The motor’s frequency constantly increases, improving the cleaning effect while reducing noise levels. If in 2021, the vibration frequency of attachments in first-generation Oclean brushes was 42,000 oscillations per minute, now with the use of the Maglev 3.0 motor in the Oclean X Ultra S, this parameter has increased to a record-breaking 84,000 oscillations per minute.

Oclean Maglev 3.0

The main mistake associated with Oclean toothbrushes is that many online stores and websites describe them as “ultrasonic,” which is fundamentally incorrect. Many of you have probably encountered ultrasonic teeth cleaning in your life. This service is provided in dental clinics and should be performed by qualified personnel. It is widely known that ultrasonic waves can damage tooth enamel, so improper ultrasonic cleaning procedures are dangerous and should not be performed at home. Therefore, Oclean X Ultra and other similar models of toothbrushes do not clean teeth with ultrasound but rather through the vibration of the brush at a high frequency and mechanical action, similar to traditional brushing with a manual toothbrush. However, when the brush comes into contact with the teeth, high-frequency sound waves are indeed generated, so the sensation in the mouth may resemble ultrasonic cleaning. Additionally, this sound provides extra effective cleaning of the teeth, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

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Oclean X Ultra S Specifications

  • Weight: 115 g with the attachment
  • Vibration frequency: up to 84,000 rpm
  • Interface for connecting to a smartphone: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
  • Wireless Internet connection: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • Battery: 1200 mAh
  • Battery life: up to 40 days
  • Charging current: 5V / 1A
  • Charging time: 4.5 hours
  • Protection: brushes – IPX7, chargers – IPX5
  • Available colors: black, green
Нагороди Oclean X Ultra
Oclean X Ultra S awards for design and innovation

Main features of the Oclean X Ultra S

Having understood the operating principle and characteristics, let’s now see what unique features the new Oclean X Ultra S toothbrush has. And they are truly impressive because it’s something close to science fiction.

Oclean X Ultra S

All previous models of the X series toothbrushes are “smart.” What does this mean? The toothbrush connects to a mobile application. With the help of a smartphone, you can control the device’s functions, adjust settings, receive data on the results of tooth cleaning, and view global usage statistics of the gadget. Essentially, the toothbrush has sensors and communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth, but the new model has also acquired a Wi-Fi module, which increases the range of communication and data transfer speed. During the tooth cleaning process, previous models of toothbrushes provide feedback to the user through vibrations – notifying about switching between operating modes (cleaning / whitening / massage) and the need to change the cleaning zone of the teeth. In terms of instant notifications, the new model has also received significant improvements, but more on that later.

Oclean X Ultra S vs X Pro Elite vs X Pro

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Part of the settings can also be adjusted using the touchscreen and button on the toothbrush’s body. After the tooth cleaning procedure, the device’s screen displays a diagram with the results – an improvised picture of the jaw indicating the quality of cleaning for each quadrant.

The Oclean X Ultra S toothbrush actually includes all the functions mentioned above, but a new one has been added that was not present in previous models. We’re talking about AI Voice Guidance – the manufacturer claims that this is an AI-based smart assistant. This feature operates based on Oclean’s own-developed chip and receives data from a 6-axis gyroscope and pressure sensors. And the main thing is that this assistant provides real-time feedback to the user!

Oclean X Ultra S

The new toothbrush communicates with you through voice using bone conduction. Just to remind you, this is a technology for transmitting sound, in our case – voice prompts, through vibration – through the bones, and directly into your head (more precisely, into the inner ear). Impressive, isn’t it? Let’s put it to the test.

Oclean X Ultra S

The assistant should warn you about excessive pressure from the brush on your teeth and gums, about exceeding the recommended brushing speed, as well as notify you of the need to change the tooth cleaning zone.

Oclean X Ultra S AI Voice Guidance

Oclean X Ultra S AI Voice Guidance

Right after the procedure, the assistant provides a detailed report on the quality of teeth cleaning – directly on the toothbrush’s screen. That’s how innovative it is!

Oclean X Ultra S AI Voice Guidance

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Positioning and price

Undoubtedly, at the moment, the Oclean X Ultra S is the newest, coolest, and most innovative flagship toothbrush from the manufacturer, so it is priced higher than all other products in the official store, namely – 129 EUR.

Oclean X Ultra S Price

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Oclean X Series Price

In general, on the Oclean website, there are also simpler models of electric toothbrushes starting from 29.99 EUR, which cannot be considered smart because they lack Bluetooth module and the ability to connect to a smartphone through a mobile application. However, if you need a simple yet effective electric toothbrush, there is a choice available at a reasonable price.

Package contents

The Oclean X Ultra S comes in a large box with a colorful cover depicting the product and its main features, specifications, and other useful information for the buyer. The box itself is coral-colored and made of thick cardboard. Inside, there are multiple layers: a cardboard protective panel, underneath which is the main gadget in a cardboard holder with a rubber sleeve on the rotor attachment for the brush head. Further down, there are several smaller boxes with three different brush heads, a wall mount, and a charger. Judging by the labels on the packaging, the brush heads are intended for various purposes – cleaning, whitening, gum massage.

Oclean X Ultra S UnpackingIn a separate compartment, there is a travel case, along with a dedicated charger, so it is equipped with a USB-C port. Let’s dwell on it for a moment. The case is designed in a box format with a flip cover. The material used is high-quality plastic with an incredibly pleasant velvet-like, durable coating on the outer surface. The cover is secured in the closed position with a rubber strap and features a magnetic lock, so it doesn’t open suddenly. Inside, there is space for two brush heads and the brush handle, which are securely held in place. You can recharge the brush directly in the case without needing to bring the main charger on your trip or vacation. Convenient and stylish.

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Design, materials, assembly

The design concept of Oclean X series toothbrushes has remained unchanged since the launch of the first model several years ago. Different models of brushes may differ in color and coating type, but the shape, dimensions, and placement of elements remain the same..

Oclean X Ultra S vs X Pro Elite vs X Pro

The body of the handle is an elongated parallelepiped with rounded edges, which tapers evenly towards the top and ends with a steel rotor to which brush heads are attached.

Oclean X Ultra S

The attachments are removable, and it’s quite easy to pull them off. The brush head assembly is universal, so the attachments that come with different models and even devices from other series are interchangeable.

Oclean X Ultra S

Also, there is a large number of non-original attachments available on the market that are compatible with all Oclean toothbrush models. Therefore, customers should not have any problems with updating their attachments.

Oclean X Ultra S Brush Heads

At the top front of the casing, there is a display embedded with rounded glass. In the Oclean X Ultra S, the protective glass has a gray mirrored effect when turned off. Below the display, there is a slightly recessed circular button integrated into the glass. Overall, this assembly reminds me of a fitness bracelet.

Oclean X Ultra S

The display appears to be touch-sensitive, likely OLED. Its quality is sufficient for its purpose, with ample brightness for indoor use, and the information is easily readable with wide viewing angles. I will discuss controlling the toothbrush using the button and gestures in the section below.

Oclean X Ultra SImmediately below the button, there is a white LED indicator showing the connection status to the Wi-Fi network. At the bottom front of the housing, there is a semi-transparent manufacturer’s logo that also illuminates during the device’s operation. Along the perimeter at the bottom, there is a multifunctional ring LED indicator that lights up in different colors to notify, for example, about wireless charging mode or excessive pressure from the brush on the teeth during cleaning.

As for the materials used and the overall quality of the device, there are no complaints here. The assembly is flawless. The brush body is coated with a special wear-resistant coating, very pleasant to the touch, which also prevents the gadget from slipping in hand during teeth cleaning.

Oclean X Ultra S

In my case, the brush is black. But you can also choose a gentle light green option.

Oclean X Ultra

Oclean app, starting and configuring, operating modes

The Oclean X Ultra S, like any other toothbrush, can be used without a constant connection to a smartphone. You will also have the ability to switch between modes and change some basic settings. However, I still recommend connecting the toothbrush to the mobile app at least once to select the primary operating mode and update the firmware..

Oclean X Ultra S



After installing the Oclean Care + app, when you first launch it, you’ll need to sign in to an existing Oclean account (or create a new one). Then, you’ll need to add the toothbrush to the app following the step-by-step instructions and connect the device to your Wi-Fi network. Using internet connection allows you to synchronize data from the toothbrush with the mobile app and download firmware updates for the device.

Next, the app will prompt you to specify your personal details and conduct a survey regarding the condition of your teeth, as well as your general preferences and habits (such as coffee, tobacco, or wine consumption). Based on the survey results, you will be offered a personalized cleaning program. You can choose the suggested program or select from numerous preset options in the app later on. Additionally, you can customize your own mode.

The Oclean Care + app shouldn’t pose any complications for the average user; its interface is simple and intuitive. The first tab monitors and provides statistics on the usage of the toothbrush and the effectiveness of teeth cleaning, with options to filter by dates and specific periods of time. The second tab handles brush settings, including mode switching, firmware updates, enabling reminders, and notifications during cleaning. Additionally, this section contains educational videos and tips. There are reminders to replace the brush head. The last tab allows you to manage your profile and personal data.

Understood, I won’t go into a detailed tour of all the settings. I’m confident you won’t have any issues using the software because everything is extremely simple and straightforward, with prompts available for all options and features.

Here are the main functions of the mobile application:

  • The program keeps precise statistics of teeth cleaning sessions and provides ratings for any given period of time
  • The program monitors the condition of the brush head and signals when it’s time to replace it
  • The utility is filled with detailed instructions to simplify the use of the electric toothbrush to the maximum and help find the optimal cleaning program
  • You can choose one of the ready-made teeth cleaning programs or create your own individual program, consisting of up to 6 steps, for each of which you can adjust the mode, intensity, and duration
  • With the smartphone app, you can update the toothbrush firmware over the air (OTA), and I’ve initiated updates a couple of times in the past few weeks, indicating that software development is quite active.

Interface, control and customization

The interface of the Oclean X Ultra S is much simplified compared to previous models. Essentially, when you press the button, you see the main screen to start the basic cleaning mode. Simply press the button below the screen. You can also switch between different modes by swiping up or down on the touch screen. Select the mode with the button. However, the brush head doesn’t start vibrating immediately like in the old models. You need to place the brush in your mouth and start the procedure. The cleaning will start automatically when the brush detects pressure on the teeth using the built-in sensor. During cleaning, the brush notifies you of the need to change zones, monitors the optimal pressure on the teeth, and alerts you to excessive pressure using a light indicator. If the procedure is disrupted, you’ll receive a voice message using bone conduction technology. Very futuristic!

Oclean X Ultra S

After the session, a brief report on the effectiveness of the cleaning will be displayed on the screen in the form of a graphic image of the jaw, where areas deemed insufficiently cleaned by the system will be highlighted in red. And that’s about it.

The session data is stored on the device and periodically synchronized with the application on the smartphone. You don’t necessarily need to bring your smartphone into the bathroom; the main thing is for the brush to be in the Wi-Fi network zone from time to time.

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Storage, charging, battery life

It’s worth mentioning that the Oclean X Ultra S comes with a rich set of accessories, including a magnetic holder that can be attached to the wall to store the brush when it’s not in use.

We also have several charging options available. The first one is a classic charging stand with a cradle for wireless charging. We connect the charger to a USB port, place the brush in the designated slot, and it starts charging.

Moreover, besides the charging stand, you can also charge the brush in the travel case. Simply place the brush inside (it securely fits in there) and connect it to a USB port on your computer or a charger adapter. It’s worth noting that the case is equipped with a USB Type-C port, although a cable is not included in the package. However, I don’t think it’s a problem as you can use any cable and charger, for example, from your smartphone.

The device’s battery life is quite impressive, similar to previous models. During a week of testing, including two standard brushing sessions lasting 2-3 minutes each, the brush only depleted by 18%. So, the manufacturer’s claim of 40 days of autonomy seems accurate. A full charge using the provided adapter takes approximately 4.5 hours. It’s also worth noting that the gadget can be charged from any Qi-standard charger.

Oclean X Ultra S

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Experiences using Oclean X Ultra S

As you’ve gathered, I’ve been using the Oclean X Ultra S toothbrush for over a week now. My impressions are very positive, although I wouldn’t say that the brushing experience differs significantly from previous models. The basic cleaning technology remains almost the same across both cheaper and more expensive Oclean toothbrushes. Therefore, the overall experience feels quite similar.

Oclean X Ultra S vs X Pro Elite vs X Pro

However, it’s worth noting that at the same time, I can consider the new features genuinely useful and interesting. For example, the presence of Wi-Fi connectivity eliminates the need for periodic connection of the toothbrush to the smartphone. Essentially, this ensures instant synchronization between the toothbrush and the mobile application.

Additionally, the new voice notifications and the illuminated pressure sensor enhance the interactivity of the teeth cleaning process and contribute to a more qualitative result.

Oclean X Ultra S

The main feature of the Oclean X Ultra S, like other “smart” toothbrushes, is the almost complete elimination of human error and the minimization of the need for self-monitoring during teeth cleaning, which I previously struggled with. With a regular toothbrush, I would brush my teeth for a minute or more or less, depending on my mood. But that’s not ideal. That’s why I like that when using Oclean toothbrushes, there is a certain control from the device, namely – a specific duration of the procedure. You just need to start the session, and then the toothbrush will guide you on what to do and monitor the time and correctness of the process. If you also lack self-control, a similar toothbrush can help you.

Oclean X Ultra S

I’ve created several personalized programs for myself that alternate between cleaning, whitening, and massage, and I use them regularly. By the way, the difference between the modes lies in the frequency and pace/character of the vibration in practice, so you can clearly track the progression of steps in the program.

As for the reliability of the device, judging by my previous experience, it should be very high. I say this because my first X Pro toothbrush is still being used by my son, and he’s had it for 3 years now. My personal X Pro Elite toothbrush has also been working for 2.5 years without any issues.

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The Oclean X Ultra S is an excellent choice for a modern electric toothbrush, packed with the latest advancements in oral care industry and a plethora of unique features that were unimaginable just yesterday. If you truly need the most advanced flagship toothbrush, then currently there are essentially no alternatives to this device on the market.

Oclean X Ultra S

Yes, undoubtedly, it can be said that this is a toy for enthusiasts of modern technology. I won’t argue, you can perfectly clean your teeth with a regular toothbrush. But it’s boring! If you want to fill your life with a touch of technological future today, one option is to get the latest Oclean X Ultra S toothbrush.

Indeed, I couldn’t find any serious drawbacks in this device, so I can confidently recommend this product for purchase. If the price holds you back, and at the same time, you don’t need all the smart functionality that I described in the review, then I suggest paying attention to the cheaper models of toothbrushes, of which there are also plenty available from Oclean.

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Where to buy Oclean X Ultra S

Oclean X Ultra S Review: First smart toothbrush with AI and voice assistant

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Materials, build quality
Package contents
The Oclean X Ultra S is a modern electric toothbrush packed with the latest advancements in oral care industry and numerous unique features supported by Artificial Intelligence. If you want to infuse your life with a touch of technological future today, you should consider purchasing this gadget.
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The Oclean X Ultra S is a modern electric toothbrush packed with the latest advancements in oral care industry and numerous unique features supported by Artificial Intelligence. If you want to infuse your life with a touch of technological future today, you should consider purchasing this gadget.Oclean X Ultra S Review: First smart toothbrush with AI and voice assistant